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  1. She is approved.he has the visa already. Yes, I submitted the police / court records
  2. Thanks for replying to me. The " some guy" reference is the interviewer. He is who I called "some guy". As far as why the second interview, we originally had issues with the children's father. He wanted my fiance to come over first and make sure it would be safe for the boys over here. He told her after that he would give consent for the boys to follow. After she was approved to come on her first interview he relented and told her the boys could come also. Hence the second interview. Thanks for getting back to me. Jesse
  3. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? My fiance was approved on her first interview. During a second interview with the two children a different interviewer told her that I lied on my paper work and that I was a violent man ( I got in a street fight at 21 years of age and went to jail at 23 years of age for driving with a suspended license , I am 45 years old now and I wrote all that down. I did not hide anything ). He said he needs me to write down why I got in a fight, why was I driving with a suspended license and he wants word for word transcripts of my court hearing ( over 20 years ago). Is this common? Why would my fiance be approved only to have some guy reject the kids? Id there anything I can do other than o what he ask ( Which I am doing anyway) Thank you Jesse
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