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  1. My k1 visa interview was in January 2020 CO the end of interview refused to grant me visa he did not give me any 221 g paper and i recieved an email from embassy after several times inquiry last month where they were saying they preparing your case for revocation and 2nd email came from uscis where they were saying we got your case from embassy it never will be revalidated when uscis gets your case back from embassy u will not be updated further refile 129F. After 20 days of those emails I got another email from embassy on 12 August where they saying you r in AP and you will be requesting more docs plus updated medical is require we also inquired from congressman 3 weeks ago he was saying I just checked from your inquiry your case sent back to CO on 12 August last time my case was updated on 8th September with same status like before "refused" I think 6 times my case has updated in 8 months with same status Refused. Can anyone tell me what's going with my case please
  2. You Wil not recommend us redo k1 after meeting with her in pakistan??
  3. I don't get on uscis website there mentioned 7 to 10 months for cr1 visa why in pakistan they gonna take 12 to 16 months
  4. Hight fraud country how and what should do more to improve and Make our case strong if we go for cr1 and how long it Will take
  5. Yes we are thinking now for cr1 but also waiting for denial letter and what are the requirements for cr1 except marriage certificate they want some wedding ceremony videos pics or just court marriage will also be accepted???
  6. We met in Baku, azerbaijan been together 9 days and we met almost 3 years ago on Facebook and he did not eve look on our pics our religion is same
  7. My K1 visa got denied last Tuesday in US embassy islamababad counselor officer was concerned about our Facebook meeting cause we did not have mutual friend then how we met she was in the list of people you may know then he was concerned about why you met with your fiance in other country why not in pakistan he just ask 2 more questions and said we denying your visa i asked the reason he did not tell anything will send you letter day later but I could not get any letter till now I don't know what to do now I called to embassy they contact with us through email van anyone tell what could be the actual reason for the denial???
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