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  1. Hello guys! I have a question, I just got my money order and there is two spaces that I'm not sure if I'm filling those the right way. Should I put my address too? If someone can help me I will appreciate it! ☺️ What to write here? 1. Payee address: 2. Memo:
  2. Hello everyone! My fiance and I are almost ready to send our packet but I have a doubt about the Part 1 from the form on ''information about you- other names used'' We left this space in blank because we dont use other names but we both used our middle names (everyone know us by our middle names, even our social media we only use our middle names) and in the description of the pictures we are sending also says our middle names, so I just wondering that if we have to put our middle names in that part. Can someone help us?! (sorry if is kinda confusing)😔
  3. Thanks, another question It’s okay to leave blank boxes/information in the form? Like if certain information doesn’t apply to you, can we leave it blank or should we at least put a N/A?
  4. Hello! My fiance and I are about to send our K1 visa packet, but I have a doubt, do we need to get a copy of the packet? or it's not necessary Thanks for the time answering!
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