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  1. Hello! Maybe someone knows, for example, if I apply immediately after 5 years have passed (I will be physically present for 30 months at this point, which is de jure suitable for naturalization). The process time in California is about 12-15 months. Will the immigration officer assume that I have been in the US for 30 months or officer will plus processing timer? That is, for example, at the time of the interview 40 months.
  2. I sent feedback, but now here is Russian Nationals Holidays, but no answer yet. Another embassy has a list of Travel Documents which ready for pick up
  3. Yes, Will they contact by phone or mail? I worried because post service here very bad, especially during pandemic
  4. You can received travel document in US Embassy, it's Part of I-131 form
  5. Hello! Maybe there was already an answer, but I'm new, so if anything, I'm sorry. I applied for re-entry and received a letter of approval to my address in the USA. I indicated in the form that I want received it from the Moscow Embassy. I called USCIS, they gave me a tracking number. Status-delivered to Washington DC on April 15. I wrote through the feedback profile on ustraveldocs, they are silent. I am interested in how do I find out when the documents will arrive at the Embassy and how to get them? On the website of the Embassy in Seoul and Tokyo there is information on this, on the website of Moscow I found nothing. Maybe someone from the forum was faced with such a situation? Thank you in advance!
  6. I apply for re-entry permit just in case, in fact I was going to continue to enter for a month every 6 months. It was approved only in this April. But now I want to leave permanently this summer. If I didn't use the "permit", it probably can't affect it? Because out of 5 years, half of them will be physically present in the USA by 2023. And if for example I get rejected first time when can I try again and will the first refusal affect the second request?
  7. Hello! In 2017, I received a green card, but I came to America every six months for a few days for this 2/5 years. I am studying at a University in Russia and have no income. I'm going to come permanently this summer 2020. I read the form for naturalization and there is such a question about filing a tax declaration. Should I have filled it out if I don't have an income in the United States and in my country of citizenship, should I fill it out now (it seems that the deadline was extended due to the coronavirus? Thank you!
  8. Camarillo 93012 which uscis districts is it ? I don’t understand official website
  9. Thank you! i don’t no will be this evidence or no, but why I not move it’s because I enter university before green card and wanna finish it for go to America with some educational. This Jan 2020 I apply fo re entry permit because of study and they approve it. How I understand, if i come to US each six month for some period, I don’t need to fill presumptive of the break, or no?
  10. And what for example (what types of documents) can evidences as proof? Do I need them for these 2.5 years or for all 5? This Jan2020 I get my Californian DL and ID card Thanks you!
  11. Thank you You mean clock of 3 month or whole 2,5 years period? Maybe I ask silly question, sorry for that
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