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  1. @Cristina280390 @Evajandra I got this in my email last night. Did you get the same thing? @Evajandra
  2. It's actually just not happening because we are not even in Lima, we are in Nuevo Chimbote, and when we went to the bus station, we found out that they cancelled our bus for tonight, and there are no more flights or buses. Not happening. The clinic answered the phone for us earlier today. My husband went to Corigliano. They said that the results will be ready for us tomorrow, but we can pick it up whenever, such as April 1st when we asked. We asked if the results would still be valid, since his medical exam was March 9th, and they said that would be fine. I think you should just go to get your results, or try to. The issue is, people cannot actually drive anywhere or fly anywhere in Peru right? So if you're unlucky, maybe your doctor cannot even get to their office. But maybe they can! Just be hopeful. We also emailed LimaIV. Did you actually read the autoreply that was sent to you after you emailed them? It says this: So it might actually work out for you guys anyways, since you are already in Lima and have everything done. You have to email them and ASK for permission to use an emergency slot. Good luck!
  3. @Evajandra @Cristina280390 For now the Embassy as a whole is definitely not closed, but I don't know any more past this: I know for a fact that it is open right now, because I just called, and they said that the immigrant visa part will close for 2 days for NOW (matching what is on aisvisa), but as for other dates, they said that I should email limaIV. My appointment probably won't happen? It's just this Friday in the morning, how can this happen?? SO CLOSE! For NOW, they haven't emailed me or called me, and they haven't changed my scheduled interview date either on the scheduling website. We'll see. 😧
  4. So I did all of this in November... they are actually SO SLOW. I completed everything but the "picking up my C.E." part. The government here... nah, pretty much everyone here in general will say one thing, but then never make that one thing happen. What can we do? Haha. I only worry because when I finished paying for it online and put in the final code, it generated a date for me to pick up the C.E.... and the date was February 19th. I plan on picking it up way later, so I'm not sure how this will go down. Probably not-so-smoothly. I will call them right now though, since you reminded me. Thanks!
  5. That's good; set as early as possible, because I really worry about the Embassy closing, or not functioning in full capacity... in Rome, Italy, the U.S. Embassy there only deals with emergency situations now. Good luck. Hope everything goes well!
  6. @amymariko One important question... did you actually need photo evidence to prove your bonafide relationship? Or did they not accept it in the end. I try to take as much as possible, but I kind of don't want to dig out and print tons of pages of photos, only to have them not accept any. Thanks!
  7. @Cristina280390 I think we are all awkwardly stuck between countries and lives, as you say. Every day I am stuck in my MIL's house in Nuevo Chimbote with nothing to do, and I cannot work here until I pick up my Carnet Extranjeria in Lima (so basically, it's not going to happen, since we will go to the U.S.) I'm sure thing will be just fine, it's just a tedious, long process. As for the public charge thing, as long as the joint sponsor (or co-sponsor) has a very high income, it won't affect my visa right? Right now I make nothing here, and I haven't been able to for almost 2 years (in order to keep our little family together in one location, in Peru, for our 1.5 year old). Hope I can enjoy a victory gelato/helado (since you need a victory visa to do it)!
  8. @Evajandra You should be able to set the appointment whenever it allows you to do so, right? Would it even let you set the appointment if they weren't ready for you? I couldn't do anything but wait for whatever processing had to be completed by them first, before finally getting an email saying that my case was ready for scheduling appointment in https://ais.usvisa-info.com/ . Maybe it is different for non-DCF? First, CEAC must say "Ready" when you check your case status here: https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx . For me, then I went to the scheduling website (link: https://ais.usvisa-info.com/ ). Perhaps for non-DCF though, they will schedule your appointment for you and just give you a date. Try checking these websites I gave you.
  9. @Evajandra @Cristina280390 So yesterday, my husband went to his medical exam in Lima; all went well. He went to Dr. Corigliano, and he said that he had no problems. There are a total of 4 vaccines; however, the doctor only made him get 2 of them (even though my husband didn't bring any sort of vaccine record??) The exam fee was 1350 soles, but for 2 vaccines, he paid slightly over 300 soles. I guess the doctor assumed that he must have gotten the other 2 vaccines as a child? Not sure... but good for us I guess. Our visa appointment is in less than 10 days now, so we are getting ready (getting Airbnb, bus tickets to Lima, etc.) Feel free to tell me if your processes have progressed or not, and if so, how far along you all are.
  10. @Cristina280390 Yess, it was no fun to wait without getting any reply from them whatsoever. If you've already waited so long, then I'm sure something will happen soon for you? We were the last ones to file DCF in Lima, since USCIS was closing. We went on the last day possible to schedule appointment there, and submitted the I-130 at the end of November THAT DAY. December 11th was when the I-130 was approved. I am living with my spouse while he is going through this process, but I don't exactly trust the mail to our city, so by January 18th or something, my U.S. address received packet 3 in the mail, stating to fill out DS-260 and to schedule visa appointment when ready. I submitted DS-260 on January 19th. From there, we had to wait until we finally got a response. Meanwhile, we collected evidence, such as the 3 certificates for police/judicial/penal, and marriage/birth certificate. What I am curious is, where exactly in the process are you right now? Since you filed through NVC, I am guessing you may have to send all financial/supporting evidence to NVC PRIOR to the visa interview? I am just curious, haha. I think I am slightly ahead, so I will gladly share whatever information about the process to help you/others out.
  11. 1) https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Medical/LMA - Lima 2) Haven't gone yet, about to schedule medical appointment though! 3) Yesterday I JUST got an email saying that the case number is ready for scheduling, as it is now in the system. We did DCF. I only saw March 20 and March 27, so I chose March 20th. Apparently, I can keep checking to see if any earlier dates open up, but I think March 20th is just fine. CEAC said that my husband's case was ready on January 19th, but only YESTERDAY (I called for nothing, I emailed.... also for nothing. You just have to wait!) did I get an email from YATRI saying that it was ready to schedule interview. GOOD LUCK!
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