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  1. I did DCF in Seoul,South Korea.My wife and my son the located now in italy.US embassy in Seoul transfer my petition in italy they gonna have interview in July.I ready fill out I-864 ,I have to send it to US embassy in Italy or I have to send to NVC?i m service member.
  2. I think if you wanna do DCF you don’t have to send your i-130 to dallas.You gotta submit your i-130 in US 🇺🇸 embassy in chine 🇨🇳.
  3. Thank you Paul for your assistance ,you always online to help people.God please you.
  4. My petition got approved .they sent me the case number of my wife and my son.Can I begin fill out Form DS-260?
  5. Good mooning just applied for I-130 week ago and my petition is approved.i wanna know what is the difference between i-134 and I-864?which one I have to provide ? thank you
  6. I emailed the Ambassy this is the answer.i m good Thank you for contacting Immigrant Visa Unit. As we mentioned, our office may accept filing of the Form I-130, filed by qualified U.S. military service members for any immediate relative case, when active duty military service member is stationed at a military base in Korea. Once our office approves your I-130, we may be able to transfer the case to your beneficiary’s country of residence if the relevant post (Italy IV) is willing to accept your I-130 petition. Please note that you have an appointment schedule with our office on January 29, 2020. Be sure to mention it to our representative when you visit our office to file your I-130 petition. If you wish to reschedule your appointment, you may reply to this email. Best regards, Immigrant Visa Unit Consular Section Seoul, U.S. Embassy
  7. I don’t know what gonna happens?i sent them email and explain my situation they said it is ok.Problably they gonna transfer my case in italy?or they gonna expedite my process?
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