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  1. Yep its normal in my culture For an exemple i have a brother and a friend who did that in the past before they actually married with foreign women ... No i didnt have a ceremony or something in Spain .
  2. Its not a lie JFH . Like i said before i didnt expressed well because of my level in english ( i speak arabic and french ) .
  3. I want to apologize and correct another time for the fact that I expressed myself badly from my first post, thank you for your messages and comments I learned a lot, I have a medium level in English and I try to learn without using the translator ... I never got married with my future wife in Spain or elsewhere, I wanted to say by marriage with my culture is that we have talk with our parents and they accept ... Also we never apply for k1 or something until both of us come back to home country .
  4. Lile i said before i have a bad level in english so i didnt be right in the way ive write it ... i've never change my story with the U.S immigration .
  5. The point of my topic is to know the timeline guys ... thank you
  6. Like i said before i have a bad level in english so sorry im not changing my story , im correcting the story ... i agree with you the opinions of the Consulate Officer who matters ... they know well my story i guess
  7. I mean with i get married inder law of islem just in the view of my family ..
  8. Actually im not married like you think , we didnt get an official mariage even in law of islam , i was meaning that we get the acceptetion of both of family's ... thank you
  9. Yeah its just how i called her ... the next time i will say My future wife I have bad level in english so i learn every day more . Thank you
  10. Yeah that true in the financially part we have made a plan for that .. but there is a miss undestood in the things of getting married in Spain , im just doing a culture stuff its not officially married even here in my country so i never get married . Even if the embassy check this site i don't have a problem with that , they know the story of us
  11. We get approved in all steps and We pray to get accepted in our final step .
  12. I support my wife and i will always support her in each second of my life ... we always hope for the best
  13. Yep ive get married under law of islam ... But we didn't have the chance to go for CR1 .. i was needing to come back to Algeria
  14. Yes me and my wife think the same ... more likely we think that for both of us me and my daughter , we didn't meet since she was born so its a great accasion to take advantage of both of us
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