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    Hi everyone!My interview on k1 visa was 01/15/2020. After the interview they gave me 221g paper and kept my passport. And after that the status of my case changed to 'Administrative processing'. Did anyone have this? and how long can it be ?

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  1. Thanks for the answer:) Could this mean that they are giving us a visa soon?
  2. Hi everyone!We got this latter after 1 years on administrative processing. Has anyone gotten the same thing during AP?Do we will need second interview or no?
  3. I mean they working now. Just one girl from administrative processing group chat got visa after year...it seems their lawyer won the case
  4. Hello. My interview was in January 2020 and administrative processing has continued since then until today (reason not reported). Then my fiance and I met in another country in November 2020. It so happened that I got pregnant by my fiance. Now we don't know what to do ... file a lawsuit against U.S embassy(which is very expensive), or get married, or wait. I need some advice🙏
  5. Yes we are really confused of everything. Covid-19 makes it worse. And we don't know when this will all over. My fiance is a soldier. We even turned to the senator, but they could not help anything
  6. we have been on administrative processing for almost 7 months...😔
  7. Hello!😊 I want to ask where is administrative processing conducted? Uscis or the embassy?
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