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  1. My 221g is required to make up a good citizen certificate. It took me 55 days from Refused to AP after the replacement.
  2. Your current situation is normal. It took me 55 days from Refused to AP after the replacement.
  3. The current situation is that after the CR1 interview, the 221G has been sent to the embassy. I would like to ask if waiting for the AP process for more than half a year, I have to do a new medical report and a new good citizen certificate. Do I still need to make up the W2 of the new joint guarantor? Do I still need to fill in any other documents?
  4. So it has been more than three weeks now, and now I can only wait for the next update of the case. My case stage: Case Last Updated: 10-Dec-2020 Case Last Updated: 30-Dec-2020
  5. The current review is still in NVC. Is there any update or change in your situation?
  6. I also encountered the same situation and received two emails from NVC. The first one is DQ, and the second one is for the beneficiary to submit I864A.
  7. I followed the RFE to messages given to me by NVC, and did not upload I-864A during the first RFE. As a result, the second RFE asked me to upload I-864A again, so I was also confused about the standards required by NCV. In addition, foreign spouses are required to provide proof of U.S. citizenship, so I really still want to respond to this RFE.
  8. I have repeatedly confirmed that the content of my I-864 file is correct ("Accepted" is also displayed on the NVC website). It can only be said that the RFEs NVC responded to me were all wrong requests.
  9. Yes, I am applying for a CR1 visa for my spouse living abroad.
  10. In the NVC RFE, the beneficiary (foreigner) is required to submit a proof of the beneficiary's unexpired US citizenship or lawful permanent resident status. In this item, what kind of documents must the beneficiary (foreigner) submit in order to correctly respond to the NVC RFE?
  11. I received the RFE, and the content of the letter mentioned that there were two things I did not know how to respond. 1. Please submit proof of (beneficiary) non-expired U.S. Citizenship or Lawful Permanent Resident status. 2. Please add (beneficiary) as (applicant) Household Member, and submit all of their documents under (beneficiary)'s name.
  12. So as you said, if I can pass the I-130 process, does it mean that I don’t need to prepare this police report from the United States? (I lived in the United States for more than six years more than ten years ago)
  13. Because I just saw other people received ATI’s email, reminding them to prepare for the interview before the interview. One is to require a foreign police certificate, so I want to prepare this document first after my NVC approves it.
  14. I will be interviewing at AIT, so I need a copy of Police Records from the United States. Can I use the one provided by the FBI? If not, where should I apply? https://www.edo.cjis.gov/#/
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