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  1. https://www.uscis.gov/news/news-releases/uscis-updates-process-accepting-petitions-relatives-abroad looks like I am too late ! On the same day I got my residency in Italy !
  2. Thank you! I can’t find a phone number. I emailed them over a week ago but haven’t heard back.
  3. Hi all! I am trying to figure out the residence requirements to file I130 by DCF in Rome. I wrote to USCIS last Thursday but I have not received a response. I have 2 questions for them: 1) Is there a requirement that i have “residence” (literal legal residence papers and/or Italian ID) for six months prior to filing (saw somewhere online but might be old rule) 2) is other proof of residence enough for example leases for the past year, permesso di soggiorno (my student one I got last year) and my new permesso that I got through marriage (received yesterday), stamps on passport, utility bills, proof I was in school half of last year, OR do I need to get my actual residence papers and or Italian ID? This will take 45 to 50 days to get. I worry the office will close in that time & I will have wasted time waiting for my “residency”/Italian ID. thank you. image from uscis site
  4. Thank you. I still have my law license there which is active. I am going to renew my drivers permit. I appreciate your help.
  5. Thank you!!! By the time I apply I will have my spousal visa that lasts five years. I think I will have it within the next 10 days. thanks for your help
  6. Thank you. I already filed for 2018 and I will file for 2019 even though I have no income and I have separation of property with my husband so I do not get any of his income.
  7. I have not applied for any jobs yet because I have no idea how long this process will take and I was planning my wedding for a while. I also do not know yet if I want to go into the same area as before or try something new. I did not mean to come off as insensitive to people who are going through being physically separated from their partner. I am new here and don’t know anyone else who’s married someone from another country so the thought has never even crossed my mind. I feel for everyone going through that situation.
  8. Thanks. I never got rid of my bank account in the US and my state ID was always my drivers permit which is expired which I should renew anyway.
  9. Thanks so much for getting back to me! Like I said in my original post we want to remain physically together. Also I imagine it would take me a long time to find a job. I am a lawyer with the active license in New York State but I have not practiced in a little bit so I am sure finding work as a lawyer or entering a new profession will take some time. i’m not sure how I’m supposed to show proof that I want to reestablish my domicile there. I feel like I never got rid of my domicile there. But it has been a long time since last school for so I forget all of this stuff. I have my mom saying that I could stay there may be a letter would be OK? I feel like if I didn’t tell anyone they would never even know that I left. I paid my USA taxes last year too. I did not see any other forms with the I 30. I saw the 485 but that was for filing within the US. Thank you
  10. I have a student visa in Italy that expires feb 15. My spousal visa is pending and will be approved before my student visa expires. I don’t know about how I would become a LPR. I don’t want to stay here.
  11. Hi All! I’m a United States citizen. I’ve been living in Italy since September 2018. On November 30, 2019, I got married IN ITALY to an Italian guy. We want to move to the United States ASAP, preferably NYC where I’ve lived my whole life. So far I have filled out the i130 form. Then I got stuck. I do not know what else I am supposed to fill out (when applying from Italy) OR where to send stuff. Dallas lockbox ? Or do I try to make an appointment with the Consulate here in Italy? Where - Naples? I tried to call and can’t get a human. I looked here and on USCIS site. SOME OTHER QUESTIONS I HAVE: 1) SPONSORSHIP: I have not worked since July 2018. I have no income. Even then, I was not making enough to sponsor my husband. I have no assets. Can my MOTHER who is also a citizen, sponsor him on her own? How do I go about that? What form? 2) PROPOSED RESIDENCE: I listed my mom’s apartment for where we would live after moving to NYC. She owns it and it’s where I grew up. I still get mail there I’m sure and it’s listed on my expired driver’s permit. 3) PROOF OF CONTINUED RESIDENCE IN USA Someone told me that I need to show that I am still a resident of New York. Meaning I should vote, renew my expired driver’s permit (I don’t have a state ID or license) and take other affirmative steps to show I have not abandoned New York/ USA. Is that true? My family immigrated to NYC almost 150 years ago and has been there since. I was born in NYC and have lived there my whole life. Since I moved to Italy September 2018, I’ve visited NYC from December 22, 2018 to February 1, 2019, and from May 22 to June 15, 2019. by just being out of the country on and off for 14 months, I obviously have not lost my citizenship. 4) APPLYING FOR SPOUSE VISA FROM ITALY I know it is more difficult & lengthy to apply from OUTSIDE the USA. Has anyone done this who could contact me? We got married in Italy instead of in USA because my husband is not in the financial position to quit his job in Italy while living in USA and waiting for a visa in USA. He wants to apply for jobs in USA but feels that it will be easier to get one once he has obtained his green care or its at least pending. Getting a job to sponsor him is difficult. I want to move back ASAP but I don’t want to leave my husband. I don’t have the funds for a lawyer. I am homesick and miss my family and friends and my city. I am not fluent in Italian and it’s hard to find work here. I think I have more opportunities back home. Please message me or comment if you have been through this or you can help.
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