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  1. @eilten My husband had the same. It only showed us having paid the fee till it showed that his card was being printed. He entered at the end of October 2020 and he only got his green card a few weeks ago. I think it’s just a really slow process right now. When I inquired about it being outside the processing time, they told me it wasn’t currently. I know it’s hard, but try to not stress. It will come!!!!
  2. Just by way of update, I just received an email from USCIS saying that my husband’s green card was ordered to be produced on April 24th. No idea how long it will take to actually get to us, but if there’s anybody out there who came in the last six months or so on an IR/CR-1 who’s still waiting for any movement with getting their physical green card - they do seem to be working on it. Just really, really slowly.
  3. Just for the sake of completeness, I have made it back to the US. The process has a similar challenge level to going to the UK, but the challenges themselves were different, chief amongst which is that you can’t get always an NHS COVID test if you don’t have symptoms AND you’re quarantining. Thankfully it was mentioned here that you can get tested at the airport, so I booked a LAMP COVID test at Heathrow like 5 hours before my flight. It did indeed take the suggested 90 minutes to get my negative results certificate in the email and that and a physical, signed attestation form were all I needed to get back in the US. And my passport, obvs. Heathrow was pretty quiet but the Atlanta airport was crazy. Social distancing is not a thing there, I guess. It is definitely possible to travel abroad during COVID, but I don’t recommend it unless you have to. It was pretty stressful.
  4. I had it on Thursday! It was literally just a Teams video call with someone from the county council’s registrars office. I had to send them proof of ID and the letter from the Home Office telling me I was eligible ahead of time and then she had me repeat the oath and that was it. They’re posting me the certificate. Kinda crazy.
  5. This website has a list of the providers you can use to book the package. I used CTM and it was all pretty straightforward. That is, assuming you are coming from a non-red list country. There’s a different process to follow if you’re coming from a red list country that involves paying to stay in a hotel to quarantine which I know much less about. Hope that helps!!
  6. Well, just to update you all, I made it safely to the UK. In the end I took several, local COVID tests in my state and both airlines and UK immigration we’re happy with the email results that I received. Entering the UK is not a quick process these days. I had to show my negative test results, my passenger locator form, my proof of having booked the UK COVID testing package and my residence permit multiple times, which was fine. But at every stage there were other people who not prepared to do this and that slowed everything right down. My queue at Immigration at the UK border probably only had 100 people in it, but it took two and half hours to get through (which is nothing compared to “all other passports” queue which had about 300 people in it and was hardly moving at all). Thanks to the advice given here, I booked my COVID testing package well in advance and it was waiting at my quarantine location when I arrived. I’ve taken it and posted it back and in the meantime am enjoying a quiet quarantine. I’ve done a little research and am going to try and book a LAMP test at Heathrow early on the day I depart. I might have to hang around the airport for a long time, but better that than increasing the chance of missing my flight back to the US, I guess. I don’t think the results from test I just took will still be valid to use to go back to the States. It’s a bit weird how locked down it is here compared to my state, but I absolutely understand why they’ve done it. And really am just grateful I’m able to be here at all. Anyways, thanks for all your suggestions and advice, it was all really helpful!!!
  7. I did take it as a joke. No worries that I’ll try it. Though a friend did ask me if I could do it from the British Virgin Islands as that would be much more fun of a trip! No, I don’t need the British passport to leave as I have an American one. I’m pretty sure the only way they’ll let me back in to America is with an American passport. Or is that part of the travel ban done? But in general, I understand that if you hold dual citizenship it’s best to enter each country on that country’s passport, although I’m happy to be corrected. I have a new question. When I booked my flight, all the travel websites said I would need “a medical certificate and proof of a negative COVID test,” but the guidance on gov.uk literally just says this: I thought I would need to pay for some fancy travel medical COVID test or to do the PCR at the airport before I fly out (both of which are expensive). But this makes it sound like I can just go local testing facility 72 hours before my flight and show them the email/text results I normally get. Any ideas?
  8. That is so incredibly helpful @MushyPea. Thank you so much!!! I think you’re right that the timing will be a bit complicated, but I think I can figure it out. That’s a good tip about booking the test package in advance! I will maybe plan to stay a little longer than 3 days, just to be on the safe side but anything is better than the original 10+ days I was thinking. Thanks again!!!
  9. The same has happened for my husband. He entered on 28th of October. He got his SSN within a few weeks but the status checker still says Immigrant Visa Fee Payment Received and when I tried to request more info they said I wasn’t outside of the processing time, so I guess the 90 days doesn’t mean anything right now 🤷🏻‍♀️
  10. Thanks @Wuozopo and @JFH for your quick replies. Yes, I could absolutely “attend” while I’m quarantining. The emailed me today to say they are still doing ceremonies, but they are virtual for the time being. I just can’t really afford to spend 10-12 days in the UK, for a variety of reasons. I appreciate that I may have to do that because immigration is never easy or straightforward and sacrifices are almost always required. I guess I was just hoping because the quarantine restrictions are to prevent you from spreading COVID in the UK it might be okay if I flew into the UK, took the COVID test, quarantined for, say 4-5 days (in which time I attended my virtually oath ceremony) and then when I got a negative test result, use that same test to leave the UK again. I know that’s naively optimistic and it’s probably never going to go to plan, but I can’t even figure out if it’s even allowed, let alone if it would actually work.
  11. Hi all, I had a quick scan of this section and UK section of VJ and didn’t see anything that looked like it answered my question, but happy to be corrected. I am a USC, not living in the US but who was living in the UK for the last 10 years. When I moved I was at the very end of the process of applying for British citizenship when COVID hit and slowed everything down and then my mom got much sicker and we needed to come to the US as quickly as possible so I dropped everything and came out here and my husband followed when his IR-1 was approved. All that’s left in my British citizenship journey is to take my oath ceremony and my local UK county council has just contacted me to say that if I don’t take the ceremony soon, I will lose this opportunity at citizenship. Ceremonies are now virtual but I have to physically be in the UK to “attend.” So, I know if I fly into the UK from the US I have to have a negative COVID test within 72 hours and I have to quarantine for 10 days. But what if I don’t need to stay in the country? Could I fly in, get a COVID test, quarantine long enough to take my online ceremony and get a negative result and then leave again? Also, do I have to have to have a negative test to go back to the US? Would it be feasible for the one test to count for both? My head is spinning and all my googling is coming up with conflicting or outdated info. Any help would be much appreciated.
  12. Oh @Cauldron, I’m so sorry. That sucks. No two ways about it. Are you stuck in AP or are they just being incredibly slow? Have you considered contacting a congressperson or senator? My situation had resolved itself before my congresswoman could get too involved, but it did feel better to be actively doing something at the time. Make sure they know your beef is with the embassy and not USCIS if you do. Took me ages to get that point across. Hang in there. You’re so close. Don’t give up now.
  13. Yay! Glad it worked out for you. I still haven’t managed to add him to my accounts as because of COVID my bank only takes pre-booked appointments and you can only get an appointment M-F, between 9:30am and 4:00pm. But I work every weekday from 8-4:30 🙄 Have you heard anything yet, @Cauldron?
  14. Did the letter with the SSN not count as a piece of mail with your name on it? We’re staying with my parents at the moment so I can’t see how my husband is going to have much mail with his name on it any time soon 😬 Was planning on going to the bank this weekend to try and add him to my checking account. Will see what happens...
  15. I flew United from LHR to EWR at the end of September no problems, although a flight at the same time to Dulles was cancelled and a lot of those people ended up on my plane. Ten days ago I took a Delta flight from LHR to Philadelphia with a stop in Atlanta with no problems. Today my husband and kids are flying non-stop from LHR to Philadelphia. In all the research we did for all those flights, we found that trying to fly from anywhere other than Heathrow (was looking at Manchester, New Castle, Edinburgh and Glasgow) was too risky. It's a pain in the backside to go down to Heathrow the night before and stay in a hotel, but I think you might have the best chance that way. Obviously that's only one person's experience, hopefully others will be able to chip in.
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