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  1. What's the reason anyway? Because nobody said to me I would be in AP, they just decided after my interview without even telling me, no slip, no nothing.
  2. Hello everyone. I am trying to finally be able to go to the US filling another J1 with start date past the actual J1 I have now. Is it possible that they put me in AP again considering they didn't clear my last one? How likely? Can you avoid AP by stating to the interviewer at the embassy that you are in a rush to leave? Thank you.
  3. It's ridiculous, I'm in a J1 that starts the 27th and ends on May, idk how they dare to make me wait further than the start of my J1, it doesn't make any sense, it's like they are trying so hard not to let you study there!
  4. No I didn't! In fact I asked them to keep it and they answered they had to return it
  5. Hello all, is someone still waiting, its my 35th day waiting and they are returning my passport unstamped or so they said 😥
  6. They have literally discarded my will to study and whatever comes after it for this, I don't know why they do this kind of things to people that, like me, only come for studying a certain amount of months and then leave, doesn't make any sense
  7. I have been told they would send my passport back without the visa and the process will continue since there's not a clear end date, I guess this is not a good sign?
  8. Hello, luckily enough I could request a voucher I can spend later when they decide to issue my visa. I hope before the 60 days mark.
  9. Luckily my plane price was refunded in a voucher! I will keep waiting until classes start at my home university, I can't lose many classes since I'm graduating this year...
  10. And they don't mind the beginning of the program? It's set to start on january the 27th...
  11. And the thingy of having my passport with them and not returning it? Is it a good sign?
  12. I haven't see anyone getting these on J1 visas and I wonder if that's a good sign meaning they take few time processing
  13. Hello, I'm a J-1 petitioner for a semester in a Maryland University. I got the DS-5535 on a email the day after my interview (December the 19th) As others I read, I was granted the visa and given a white slip that said I'd get it in 4 to 6 days. However, 28 days have passed and I don't have anything yet, I called, made sure they receive the documents and emailed them with the same usual responses. My flight was going to take departure next Friday (January the 17th), unless I get the "Issued" status by this evening I won't be able to take it. They kept my passport with them, and I wonder how long can they keep it without making the firm decision of stamping it? Also, what made they think I'm a threat to make me send them the DS-5535? I even know the name of the Vice-consul who is doing my visa process since he signed and stamped his name on my DS-2019. What do you think are the estimate time I'll have to wait more for getting my passport with the visa?
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