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    Thrown in the sea of forgetfulness and left with a prayer for blessings upon my enemies/offenders & for those who prayed for me.. Also left with great lessons, a new beginning, restoration, rebuidling, healing and His wisdom & knowledge (like never before & mor to come)... I praise God for all of this after it was all said and done and God gave me a new hope and vision and uncompromising faith in Him. I love you Jesus, The Messiah,my Redeemer, Savior, The Way, The Truth and The Life. Im so thankful the veil was removed from my eyes & mind. When you distance yourself from Jesus Christ..remember you begin to walk in an angle..not aligned with Him, following His way.. ..as time goes by, you will find theres a greater gap between you and Him...which leaves a lot of room for compromise, confusion, deception and no longer do you have absolutes in the faith that was once established in His Word. (Im speaking for those who truly have experienced a real relationship with the Lord) Next thing you know, you're doing things that take you further away.. thats what happened to me. I praise God for a great awakening and a restoration in my relationship with Him. This is whats the ultimate most important thing in my life and will always be. This will also be the utmost important thing for whoever God has for me in my future (should I be married again). We will be equally yoked according to His Holy Word.
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