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  1. I understand and that makes sense. We are currently in the NVC stage and unfortunately, with COVID, NBI is not currently processing clearances and I happen to have an NBI clearance about two months old with just my maiden name. I was wondering if I should submit that and risk it, or wait however long so I can get an NBI Clearance with an AKA for my husband's surname, thus the question.
  2. Hi Hank, thanks for the reply! I have read this, thus the question. While non-traditional, my married name is the same as my maiden name so I was wondering if an AKA with my husband's surname which doesn't appear on any legal documents is required. Anyway, I might try to call the embassy to be sure.
  3. As the topic states, for the police clearance, do I need an AKA with my husband's surname even though I haven't and I'm not going to change my name?
  4. Congratulations!! Because of your post, I checked our case status too and we've also been approved today!! PD: January 12, 2020 Date changes: February 23, May 1, May 8, then approved today as well!
  5. It used to be a hack that, after submitting, usually led the service center to check one's application earlier which resulted in a faster processing time. As mentioned though, not sure if it still works. Filing it is free though, so why not?
  6. I know what you mean. I almost wish we had just submitted later.
  7. We also got a date change. Last date change before this was 02/23. I think someone else asked Emma if the date change was a transfer and the agent said it wasn't.
  8. Just found out that our case (PD: 01/11/2020) was transferred to VSC from TSC on 02/23/2020. I really hope this doesn't mean a longer wait. Good luck to all and congrats to those who have gotten their approvals.
  9. Wow, congratulations! Did you file a K-3 or do anything else? Seems like approvals have been happening left and right for PDs that are all over the place.
  10. Filed online on January 11, and the NOA1 showed up online January 14. We were assigned to Texas. Buckling down for the (hopefully not so long) wait.
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