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  1. thank you for your post. there is a rumor around, that USCIS will reopen on june 4th. I checked USCIS webpage, it says,"USCIS staff are continuing to perform duties that do not involve face-to-face contact with the public." is that mean no face to face interview? Kind of confusing cause, they will reopen and not doing any face to face contact...?
  2. Are you in US now? IF you don't have any status in us you cannot cross the border.. But If you have status in US and you are crossing border with your husband, it might be okay... I tried cross the border week ago, they return us back to can.
  3. Well.. My spouse get pregnant and we are waiting for last interview call which canceled cause pandemic. We need to be together as soon as possible.I hope not trump suspending whole immigration process...
  4. You guys are "predicting", so would like to predict that.. Don't you think that it need to get proof of coronavirus negative all immigrant and non-immigrant visa cases? before interview...? well, it would be guessing not predicting... I'm checking AIS and CEAC everyday.
  5. i Think so.. I've checked CEAC.state.gov website very often.
  6. I checked CEAC web site status.. My case has been updated on March 26 2020. My cancelled interview date is march 20th. so, at least they are concerning cancelled appointments I assuming..
  7. agree. not a joke. Also what a timing! just right before our interview date!
  8. no. I cancel all itinerary trip to montreal. I phone them early in the morning 4:30 am pacific time. I sent them email and get same response too. if I went to montreal, we probably lockdown there till back to normal. today us border closed. so, nothing we can do now...
  9. we are on same boat. My CR-1 interview scheduled today march 20th. Same here, I did not get any email notice but I called 438-793-1947 visa appointment serveice, they said can not find my interview schedule. if anyone have cr-1 interview, it comes up on the system they said...
  10. probably US consulate wants At least check COVID-19....or maybe..
  11. I'm just wanna make sure I don't get any cancelation email yet. so, I may assume that I do not have to contact NVC for re schedule and just wait...?
  12. Thank you SOOO much your information. so all I need to do is waiting.. again....
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