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  1. Totally understand. The ceremony we want to have isnt so we can proof to CO that we are in a bonafide relationship. We will have a lot of proof of ongoing relationships from the time I send it until he goes to an interview. Text messages, pictures for when we go on vacation to dubai in july etc . Any kind of party we have for our families would have been after he is approved and gets visa.
  2. yes this is it. This is the whole point of it. In my culture, Your family has to meet and accept the man you are dating, that way if any potential suitors showed show interest in marrying you, then can disagree because you've already presented someone to them.
  3. wow i never even thought of that. African men do like to call their girlfriends my wife!, I will need to read through the chat logs again to make sure i avoided such mistake. Thank you.
  4. Thank you my fellow Ghana Man! I wont take the chance as others have advised. We will travel back and do it for our families once he gets settled and adjust his status.
  5. there will be no wedding. No exchange of rings or vows. This is an engagement for our families to recognize and bless us before we do our white wedding in the US since they wont be in attendance. There are two types of Ghanaian engagements. Some people choose to exchange rings and vows and never go ahead to do a white wedding. This type of engagement is considered a marriage. Some people only do an engagement where the families are made aware and accept the relationship, THEN either the next day or at a later time, they do a white wedding or court marriage and exchange vows, rings, with reception etc. We plan on having a court and white wedding in the US where mostly only my side of the family will be in attendance. This will be our marriage. Hence why we thought it might not be an awful idea to get both our families blessing before he travels here IF AND ONLY if he has already been approved for a visa. but i definitely understand where majority of their fear and risk people are advising me against come from.
  6. woow these are some wild stories! How did CBP discover documentation of marriage abroad. Was this marriage AFTER the interview approval or before and was missed by NVC, embassy etc?
  7. Wow i never knew the denial after approval was a thing. Thank you all so much for your response
  8. Thank you for your thorough response. I'm curious to know if there has been people denied the visa AFTER approval? Basically is there anything else the consulate does after interview and approval of visa before the beneficiary travels?
  9. Hello guys, I'm in the process of submitting the I129 for my fiance in Ghana. By the looks of it from tracking other people's timelines, if all things go well without delays, we should be able to get an interview by November or December. Since majority of his family live in Ghana, as well as my mother and her side of the family, we were planning to do our traditional engagement in December. Assuming he gets his visa before end of December, are we allowed to do this before he travels to the states? We will have a white wedding and court wedding once he comes.
  10. My school does not allow us to work so I live off students loans and i take out enough that will cover for the both of us. My father will also help us with any additional cost. His family is rich, he has a house and several assets he owns himself. If things get extremely hard, he can always sell those things for money. About your last statement of Joint sponsor not being accepted, does that mean they can deny or reject my joint sponsor? But they will accept it if i go CR1 route? please elaborate. Thank you
  11. Hello, I am in the process of filing for my fiance in Ghana. I am currently in medical school. I am not allowed to work. My father has graciously agreed to sponsor my fiance. Will me having no income be grounds of inadmissiblity? My boyfriend comes from a rich family. He will not become a public charge. I cannot imagine having to wait 4 years of medical school plus a year of residency before filing since that's when I will be able to make income. Thanks for your advise.
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