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  1. Well guys my journey is finally over got my green card yesterday in the mail. Good luck to everyone else that’s still waiting. This process requires a lot of patience and faith. wishing you all the best.
  2. Hey guys I never got an update of card being produced but got a message yesterday that card was mailed to me so it should be in my hands shortly. I’m almost at the finish line
  3. Hi Celebi i really have no idea but I think it’s the 10 year
  4. Hi guys just a quick update had my green card interview yesterday it was quick less than half and hour. They asked basically to answer the same things in the application. Asked for my birth certificate and my son’s birth certificate. That was basically it. Then I was told they are gonna review my application. By the time I got to work which is 30 minutes away it said case approved. Still not saying card being produced though but thank God the process is almost over.
  5. I’m truly happy you were successful, congratulations.
  6. The EAD came from Lee’s Summit Missouri and the SSN came from Social security administration in Baltimore MD so 2 different places. Yes this process has taught me a great deal of patience. Just when I thought it would all be over and I had my interview scheduled for feb 2 the weather caused it to be cancelled now I don’t know when it will be scheduled again. So back to waiting
  7. Have you tried putting in and expedite request. That’s what I had to do and it’s a good thing I did because my interview was to be today but because of the weather here in Jersey it was cancelled. I don’t know when my interview will be now. When it’s expedited you get it in no time. So i would try that. Good luck
  8. Just to give an update I got the social security card in the mail today. So it just took a couple days between the EAD and the SSN
  9. Hi guys Got my EAD card on Friday. Yippeee internet this week too so things are looking up. Anyone know how soon after the EAD the SSN comes in the Mail?
  10. I definitely will got update yesterday says the post office picked up my card then I got the tracking number so I’m excited to finally be able to start working
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