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  1. Have you tried contacting your commander directly about the process in bringing a spouse back to the US if you were to marry abroad? A lot of my fiance's coworkers and captains met their wives abroad and most went through their branch to have them help with immigrating steps. Since active duty marrying abroad happens quite often I'm sure they'll have the steps and resources ready for you there.
  2. I used to work for an airline, and usually this happens when a person's name is flagged due to someone else with a very similar name to you has committed fraud somewhere with that particular airline you are flying with. A lot of the times airlines share this list between each other. So to verify that it is indeed a different person, airlines usually require you to present your passport and credit card that was used to pay the ticket with to the agent directly, making you unable to do online check ins. It is linked with the person's name and ID, not the card usually. Sometimes even the types of credit card can have an effect. Although it is less common. You might be able to take it higher with the airlines to clear your account, by adding certain differentiating factors like loyalty program memberships with airlines, middle names, age, and what not to be able you to distinguish from that particular flagged person. I.E. John Smith is a very common name so often times passengers with this name travelling internationally get flagged, because another John Smith somewhere in the system may have committed credit card fraud. It happens more often than people think! as for wondering if you are overthinking it, I agree with others. I doubt people who look over your DS-160 think too hard on who is paying for the ticket and why.
  3. Thanks Paul! We had a chat with SSA office and we are just waiting for an appointment date to get SSN now, cus I have a date of arrival. But I probably won't hear from them too soon due to covid and all, but at least that is ready. With expediting EAD/AP is there a special form to do that? Or is it via contacting USCIS?
  4. Hi everyone! K-1 filer here! I was looking around the immigration steps and just have a few questions about the process of filing for AOS after entering the USA. I will be travelling to the USA this coming Nov 18 (soon!) So I understand after entering I will be going to get my SSN as soon as possible, and while doing that we are getting our marriage license and getting married ASAP as well. Somewhere between then I will also be applying for the REAL ID since I understand it has to be done before the i-94 expires. My question follows: - I see in the K1 AOS immigration timeline that there is a form called I-693 that I have to fill in. Do I have to do another medical again since it was done before I left Canada? If yes are there specific ones that do it? For information I did my Medical in August of 2020, since it is barely 1 year old is there a need for another one? If no, how do I indicate on the I-693 form that I have a valid overseas medical done by an approved physician? -I see we also have to fill in another I-864 affidavit of support so I assume all the same supporting documents I gave for my interview. Potential question: While waiting for the approval of the EAD/AP, since I will be marrying an active duty military personnel, there is a high chance during his time that he may be getting his new post in the next 9 months or so - if my AP isn't approved by then and it turns out his new post will be abroad, what can I do in regards to my AP? Without it I cannot leave and come back to the USA from my understanding? Does anyone have any experience with dealing with active duty military personnel's getting their PCS before you were approved for AP? Thanks everyone! Appreciate any input
  5. I would stop using the travel agent at the moment. The consulate's decision is not dependent on ticket at all. best to purchase ticket after your partner has the visa in hand and after checking for any errors.
  6. Are you looking for interview updates for those who were waiting for one? Montreal has already finished rescheduling all cancelled K1s and are now scheduling new ones, and I’m not sure about CR1/IR1 but they rescheduled a bunch of cancelled ones for those too, not sure if they started any new ones yet.
  7. Canada has resumed K1s. They started with CR1/IR1 and have just finished all the cancelled K1s and are now scheduling new interviews for both K1/CR1/IR1
  8. Gosh I'm sorry you are having such a hard time! May I ask which state/city you are doing this in?
  9. So far the majority of the people have been trying to offer you advice and they all echo the same thing: Change her documents back to the original Immigration will do background checks, I am merely warning you of the possibilities of them digging up stuff. otherwise, good luck in the rest of your processes 🙂
  10. So I'm just going to clarify... her actual, true age is 23. Meaning her correct birth year was 1997. Her parents (for personal reasons) aged her down 4 years when she was a child, making her 19 currently. So her edited birth certificate says her birth year says 2001, changed from 1997, which is her factual birth year meaning the year she was actually born. You're saying there is no more proof from her family indicating of the actual birthyear (1997) and now all documents say she was born (2001) which makes her 19. So let's say you apply, and it all goes well - what if they were to discover that throughout the background check, they find her age has been edited? Or how about if they find this thread on VJ here of you saying she is actually 23, not 19? What do you think USCIS or in general, US Immigration will think of that? Any attempts at changing age is falsifying information to the government. Unlike name, hair colour, gender which can be changed/surgically changed/adjusted etc (we do not need to discuss the controversial topics of gender reassignment surgery, that is not for this thread), you cannot simply change someone's age. Unless you have a time machine, go ahead! But yes, you are free to keep the documents as is, but I would highly recommend changing it to the actual, original age she was. Because if by any chance during the background check that the immigration were to find out this was edited, you may not find yourself and your wife in a good spot in their eyes. Best of luck.
  11. How to Join the US Military Nope. The military is open to non-citizens
  12. From what I gather someone posted on here she just needs her: I-94 Passport SS-5 application form RM 10211.530 is there a different office you could call? There is usually more than one SSA office per city unless you live in a very small town.
  13. That’s odd because according to their site: https://www.ssa.gov/coronavirus/ it says they will allow appointments for those looking to get their first SSN and this was confirmed as my USC partner called and they said to have us call them back to set up appointment when I actually cross into USA. Perhaps you might have to nudge them and tell them of their own announcement on their site or call a different office, it sounds like not even every office is aware K1s can get SSN
  14. Sadly, I've already come this far, so we will have to see through it.
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