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  1. I apologize if you feel that I am doing a repetition here. I probably did, however there a slight difference on the question according to my brother, my cousin's case is different his wife petitioned for him. He is right here with me, very anxious. He wanted me to ask. Again I am sorry.
  2. My brother is already at NVC, How does he files for AOS instead. Please your input will be appreciated!
  3. You have a whole year to submit the documents to NVC however I would not advise you to wait for a year.
  4. I need your help with this case. My cousin filed I-130 for her spouse while he was outside of USA. Now her husband is in USA and she would like to apply for AOS instead. She received an RFE 2 days ago. Does anybody know how she can proceed with this?
  5. Good luck to you! please try to stay calm everything will be allright.
  6. Medical exam for visa application is valid for 6 months. Which means that the visa has to be processed/ approved while the medical exam is valid. If the medical results have expired and you try to apply for the visa, the embassy will not process the application unless you submit a valid medical exam.
  7. It is basically the Embassy changing the wording from Administrative Processing to Refused. if you’re in AP it will remain in refused status until further adjudication is completed. Your application for the visa is still being worked on.
  8. I am sorry for the unconsidered response to your request for help. VJ is a great forum. People in this forum always do their best to help and i can testify to that. Although I am not familiar with the issue at hand, I think you should list the children on the visa application. Good luck!!
  9. No, you do not have to write the case number, since you are uploading the docs, you are not mailing them out.
  10. congrats on your DQ but you will have to wait a little bit longer for interview
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