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  1. I am trying to schedule an appointment for a CRBA at the Port-Au-Prince embassy for about 2 months now but i am not able to. Does anybody have any luck doing this, if yes can you please share how you did?
  2. Yes, I am sure, it said pictures with their father. They brought their passport pictures with them. They are not adults, they are 13 and 7
  3. It has been quite a wait indeed. I was DQ on 05/05/2020, interviewed 2 days ago. Good luck!
  4. My husband lives with me in the US, had kids prior to our marriage
  5. Thank you for your prompt response. Concerning pictures, they requested pictures of the kids with their fathers (my husband). You think we can take pictures now and submit them?
  6. Hello! My Stepkids, which I petitioned for, had their interview yesterday, and it went well. However, they received a 221G slip with missing Tax Transcript/pictures. The CO kept their passport . My husband submitted the transcript the same day, right after the interview, to the CEAC portal. However, we do not have any pictures as it destroyed them during the earthquake. Has anyone been in a similar situation? What do i do? Is it a good sign they kept the passports? Thank you!
  7. Did the officer give you any paper before you left or did he say anything to you at all?
  8. Here my google account: Kendellevital@gmail.com
  9. I agree, you made a great point. We should start a petition
  10. Can someone reply to MadamG question? Anyone with scheduled interview, please share.
  11. Has anyone received an interview letter recently for Haiti and when was your DQ?
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