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  1. Hi @Gonzalaz - my husband and I were just DQ'd last Friday and are also CR1 from Argentina - I would also love to stay in touch about what you hear or have heard about interviews over there - I haven't heard anything about them so far!
  2. Oh, that's brilliant @Katie & Camilo and @arken - that's exactly what I'll do thank you so much!
  3. Thanks for the suggestion! I might end up going that way, but it would be a shame to miss out on the tax break.
  4. Does anybody have experience sending in tax returns that have not yet been filed with the IRS? I would like to include my 2019 return, as my 2018 return does not meet the minimum income threshold. However, I have not yet been able to send the 2019 return to the IRS because we are waiting to obtain a certified copy of my husband's passport (to file for an ITIN) and the offices are closed due to COVID-19. Will the completed 2019 tax return work, provided I send my W-2 and an explanation letter stating that we have not yet sent it in to the IRS?
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