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  1. Hello everyone ! 👋🏻 I filled up the DS160 online but I still haven't uploaded my visa photo on it and I have submitted my DS160 to the embassy and have my interview date. My question is : do I need to take the picture and upload it online before my interview or does bringing it at the interview enough? Thanks in advance for your answers ! ☺️
  2. Thank you for your answer ! 🙂 The thing is I don't have any kids and I got my dog when she was 2 months old so I'm freaking out having to put her in the hold for about 7 hours. I tried searching if it was even possible to purchase a second seat just for her but it seems like it isn't... I know it probably sounds dumb but I can't help stressing about it... 😩 I want my dog in the cabin with me 😭
  3. Hello everyone ! I know it might be a weird topic but I'm gonna move from France to the US with my 14 yo dog who had never been on a plane ever... To say I'm stressing out is an understatement 😬 I was wandering if any of you had any tips (airline,...) or could share their experience with me. My dog weighs 22 lb and I doubt she would fit in a carrier under a plane' seat...
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