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  1. No problem! Thanks for this info. My wife has been in Admin Review also, since Dec31-2019. They wanted additional tax and photos as well. I was told to upload it to CEAC website , and I did it the same day, they promised us Visa in 2 weeks but nothing changed. I've also went to the Congress representative, and then they responded to congress rep. saying EMBASSY RECIEVED THE FILES ON FEB26 2020 and waiting to be reviewed. But bright side is, they gave you Visa on March 30 2020, means despite corona virus, they are working on Admin Process cases. I hope my wife gets cleared too, this month. And I had islamabad embassy also.
  2. thanks alot very informative, im assumjng you got your visa march 30 2019? Or 2020?
  3. I read at many articles it states that consulates have suspended "in person" activities and interviews. Does anyone have any experience knowledge ir updates on their AP cases ever since covid19 Closures? Do you, or anyone you know, have gotten their visa or passport after being in AP cases during covid19? Curious to know if islamabad consulates are still working on ADMIN PROCESS since they arent "physical - in person" activities, which can be done remotely! Thanks and good luck.
  4. Ughhhh, sorry to hear that. I dont see why the government is this slow.
  5. No ive been a citizen for 20+ years. My wife is abroad filed for immigration, but this bs is on, so i just wanna leave for now.
  6. Stimulus (finance) and immigrations are two very different departments.
  7. yeah, no. I have no authority or reach to even start a letter. This is only the upper circle nor do I have any knowledge about suing the government and if this even allowed by the constitution or not. Executive orders must be backed up by the constitution. Those are facts. Checks and balances. No government, city,state,federal, has full power. Research and knowledge is good .
  8. Congress and the legislation have the power to overturn anything, including executive orders.
  9. I hope it doesn't pass, and I hope he is just lying , like he did back in 2015 in his campaign to get votes from all the anti-immigration citizens. My wife has been in AP for a mistake the consular made at the interview which she admitted at the interview in sept 2019 but simply apologized that she couldnt open her file again today but in 2 weeks she would recieve her visa but she didnt and is still in AP for no reason and now this !? 😕
  10. Cry with me! How many months your case has been in ap again?
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