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  1. This has happened to other people when their medical exam expires after 6 months, with a 1 month extension.
  2. My fiance was able to leave in September by showing an emailed certificate. I think the hardcopy has still not arrived yet.
  3. It depends on your local and state government as to what vaccinations are free. I was able to register my K-2 in school even with missing immunizations. After our marriage, they were added to my insurance, which took effect at the start of the new month. Then the immunizations were covered 100%. There might have been a free alternative here, but I didn't pursue that.
  4. She can have someone else pick it up for her: https://www.ustraveldocs.com/ph/ph-gen-faq.asp#qlisttrackpass
  5. It says here that the Manila embassy requires " your original divorce or annulment/presumptive death court records, and/or death certificate from the country where the celebration or occurrence took place, " (emphasis in original) https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Supplements/Supplements_by_Post/MNL-Manila.html An emailed copy of the tax transcript is fine though: "a photocopy of the sponsor’s most recent IRS transcript"
  6. I don't know the legal complications, but another option is to proceed with the visas, and when you get to the US, file for divorce. When that happens, perhaps you can get alimony and child support payments enforced. The father will get visitation rights, and so you will have to live close enough to him for that to happen. The risks and expense of that plan could be considerable, so the father may be willing to agree to settle things amicably to avoid that.
  7. A bunch of those were 221(g)'s that were left over from before the shutdown that finally got resolved. Some were expedites for people in the military. Haven't heard of even many of those lately.
  8. That provision means that someone can drive you to the airport, but then they have to go back home.
  9. No swab test is needed for direct flights to the US or if you transit through a single airport in Japan, at least as of a month ago. Korea has a list of approved hospitals to get tested at. I'm not sure if Taiwan has a list or not.
  10. If they went back to doing nothing, the number of cases would double every few days. That would mean 100,000 cases a day in less than a month. That would quickly overwhelm the hospitals, and the fatality rate would go back up to 10% or so.
  11. Classes are still remote in most places, so kids can get online anywhere. The problem is the time difference means the US based classes would start at midnight in Phils.
  12. If you spur of the moment decided to get married while he is in the US, it would be fine, but he would still have to comply with the restrictions of the visa he entered on until he gets a new visa or green card. If he enters the US with the intent to get married by using a visa other than K-1, it might be considered fraud, so be careful.
  13. It's not just the Philippines that are affected, see the comments in this thread:
  14. It's bad enough having a presidential election during a pandemic. Mixing in a SCOTUS confirmation at the same time will be entertaining, to say the least.
  15. My fiance's fb user name had nothing to do with her real name and we were approved, but not quickly. We didn't submit any handwritten letters, no emails, and maybe just 1 money transfer.
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