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  1. No, there was a question on the DS-260 asking if you wanted a SSN card application done for you, if you selected yes, then the card will be mailed to you soon after you enter the states. If you didn't select that, or if the card doesnt come in two weeks, all you have to do it go to your nearest social security office and apply. its free and you should get a card in the mail shortly after that
  2. You can use the stamped visa in your passport as a temp greencard, but you can't start any work until you have a social. once you get that then youre all set
  3. We got a sticker on ours saying that everything is digital and the packet has already been sent ahead. Bring the physical copy of your medical with you. You have to enter the states before 26 July, if not, they will consider your green card abandoned. The visa sticker in your passport is valid for a year, howver you will get the actual green card before that expires so you dont have to worry about that expiring
  4. maybe you can write in with this, requesting the expedite and explaining what happened. I'm happy its getting sorted though!
  5. I dont think anyone waits the two years before filing, we certainly didnt, and I know a bunch of people who got conditional green cards. If this thing came through back in Sept, we'd have gotten a conditional as well, but Im just happy that we dont have to do that anymore. You got married in april you say, so your 2nd year isnt very far off. Also I thought someone said PD doesn't matter for citizen filing for spouse, only perm resident. idk
  6. Yeah, the 2 year thing isnt what is hindering your progress, that just means that if you got approval and your spouse enters the country before your second anniversary, then they get the conditional greencard. You being a citizen is what should be propelling this forward, thats what happened with us, the moment I became a citizen, everything started moving forward. So something is causing this wait
  7. I think its cause you guys havent been married 2 years as yet.
  8. You'll be fine! its so close and the days are gonna go by so quickly.
  9. printed on regular paper. I took pictures from facebook too, and just screenshotted them with the dates they were uploaded. you ARE overthinking, but personally i think its fine cause I was also overthinking everything, wanted to be as prepared as i could be. Yeah we didnt need half the things I put together, but it made me feel better having them, and the process of putting them together took my mind off my my nervousness for a little bit
  10. We brought pictures from before filing and after, but they never asked for it at all. it was good to have just in case tho
  11. this is soooooo exciting! i honestly never thought this day would get here🥰🥰
  12. yeah you're probably gonna have to do all the changes first. either that, or get it changed at RGD and file with your maiden name. either way its added time and money
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