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  1. No update for me since 29/1 (filed 1/1)... Have seen approvals from Potomac from February and March, I think they skipped January 😕
  2. Hey! Just wanted to join in here. Send I-130 January 1st, now stuck in the waiting game. The Schengen travel ban does not affect me (immediate relative), was considering going for at trip in July on ESTA, but none of my travel insurances are valid due to the Norwegian "do not travel" advice. Don't wanna get the rona' and end up in the hospital without insurance... This situation is next level waiting game. I wonder if the I-130 approval speed changes due to the recent changes in the Trump immigration politics?
  3. Thank you. Does he write "income below reporting threshold" in the actual box? Or below/beside it?
  4. Hello. I am preparing for the approval of my I-130, and have a question about the upcoming I-864 form. We have a joint sponsor, so everything is good there. Questions: 1) If my petitioner was not required to file taxes for the last three years (income under $12,200), what is he supposed to write in post 24a-24c? (Tax year and total income). Is it better to write the actual income ($10,500) or N/A? The petitioner's current annual income is zero. 2) Does he have to attach a written statement, as stated in the instructions for the form? "If you were not required to file a Federal income tax return under U.S. tax law for any other reason, attach a typed or printed explanation including evidence of the exemption and how you qualified for it. " 3) He is self-employed as an artist, and current income is zero because of the coronatimes. Will he have to attatch some evidence for this? Thank you!
  5. Are you guys prepping papers for the I-148 already? Is there something I can do to be as prepared as possible for the NOA2?
  6. Filed January 2nd. Got assigned to Potomac. Let’s play the waiting game.
  7. I just wondered, why 3 years? The doesn’t the affidavit of support only require the last year, and 3 years is optional?
  8. Hello. My spouse (USC) has not filed taxes the last 3 years, even though he should. We are now starting the CR-1 visa process and he needs to get his s*** together.. He has been self employed and makes above the minimum requirement for sponsoring a spouse for immigration. 1: Does he have to file the last 3 years or is the last year enough? 2: We just got married. Should he file the last years as single or married? 3: What is the best way of filing taxes that should have been filed a while ago? I know nothing of the US tax system, I just wanted to get some more knowledge. Thank you.
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