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  1. You did not get the point of this post. I stated this was unusual experience so wanted to share.
  2. My entire carer (so far) is with the same company. USCIS Field Office is Yakima.
  3. I had doubt was because they made me sign the answers I gave, depicting discrepancies , for my GC application. Online status shows Case has been approved
  4. Today me and my wife appeared for a naturalization interview. My wife was called in first. Her experience was exactly narrated by many on this forum and as shown in USCIS videos. I was called in by a different officer after about 15 minutes. My interview started by asking basic information about me, then civics test followed by test of English language. After this, officer told me that she will ask me questions about my Green Card Application (that was prepared 8 years back and was approved 7 years back.). She told me it is voluntary. I was not prepared for these questions, but I was not sure what it means by refusing to answer the questions. So, I said yes. She went into details of my application and asked me questions about my the then team , their job duties and responsibilities , their salary etc. Honestly, I was not able to answer many questions, few questions I answered incorrectly, and remaining I was able answer. She validated team structure that I told her with my application and found some discrepancies. She documented all my answers and got the statement signed by me with her colleague as witness. Then they both signed the statement. She asked me to wait for 15-20 minutes as she wanted to talk to her supervisor before making decision on my case. After about 30 minutes, her supervisor came to me and informed me that my case is approved. While I wanted to share my experience; I also wanted to know if 1. Is this experience routine for employment based GC? 2. Since there were some discrepancies in GC petition and today's answers, is it a cause of concern?
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