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  1. Thank you everybody for your reply. I really appreciate your input.
  2. I guess it will take some time for my tax return to process as it would be first time filing MFJ and it has to be sent on paper along with W7 form to get my Non Resident Alien an ITIN. I had in mind to send the I-130 in the following days. Do you think I should file, wait for it to be processed and then get a tax return transcript and include it in the petition?
  3. I apologise, this is included as well along with the translation
  4. Hello VJers, I am about to submit an online I-130 for my spouse and after a long time of gathering bona fide marriage documents, here's what i managed to gather. Would you be kind enough to provide me with your feedback? Evidence of Bona Fide Marriage. Multiple photographs in pdf of our relationship for the past five years (showing the two of us in different places, with friends and each other's family) Wedding invitations, photographs and receipts for expenses Power of attorney from Beneficiary to Petitioner Power of attorney from Petitioner to Beneficiary for use in the foreign country along with certified translation Certificate of studies for both of us showing that we studied in the same University, where we met. Facebook chat logs between Petitioner and Beneficiary from 2015 till now (along with our chats with each other's immediate family) Sample of messenger calls and video chats from 2016. Phone Call logs October 2019-February 2020 (couldn't retrieve more from earlier) Emails we exchanged Facebook posts including both of us in various places dating back to 2016 Love letters and notes/cards sent to each other with date and signature Common trips taken together and hotel receipts (going on vacation together or visiting each other in various countries where we studied for our post-graduate degree) Sample of Bank transfers before having a common account (4 from each side over the course of 3 years) Affidavit of support and copy of passport’s biometric page attached Proof of joint financial resources (1 Checking account with multiple statements and account movement and 1 Savings account with both our names on) + translations Water bill in my name and Telecommunication bill in my spouse's name showing same address outside the US + translations 13 and 14 are documents from the foreign country of residence (spouse's country) where we stayed together for some time before me moving back to the States to start working. We do not have any bills or joint bank accounts from the US, as she has never been to the US before. Would you consider that as a limitation? What do you think? Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks a lot for the reply! I will use those translations along with the attached apostille stamps
  6. I am undergoing the process of gathering all the civil documents to file the I130 petition for my spouse and I used the Greek ministry of foreign affairs to translate them from Greek to English. The Greek government offers a translation services that includes official government stamps to certify the translation into English. They do not include the statement that USCIS require on the translated documents. Would it be wise to send them without any certification by the translator as it is already a goverment issued translation?
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