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  1. Thanks a lot. Checked the status, card isn't issued yet.
  2. My wife entered US under CR-1 status earlier in Feb this year. She hasn't received her green card yet, but on the visa the expiration date is July 11, 2021. Is that the date when conditional residency expires, and using the 90 day rule we can file 751 on or after April 12th? Or should we wait for physical green card to arrive and that may have a separate conditional residency expiry date? Thank for any help!
  3. Nope, read that twitter thread, it explicitly mentions embassies are instructed to give DV higher priority, mainly because they only have 2-3 weeks to wrap this all up.
  4. I had a few daily date changes before finally getting the approval notice in there. You are nearly there.
  5. Nepal was just starting back doing IR1/CR1 interviews, but then this DV ruling from Judge means no interviews in Sep. Whatever happened to giving priority to family members
  6. Click on the msg and wait for 30 secs to a minute, it should open, esp in off hours.
  7. Ya they are only handling cancelled interviews right now, hopefully they will open up fully soon. No harm in trying, which is why I did it as well, but highly unlikely they will approve unless you've some valid medical emergency with proofs. KTM embassy is tough to get a expedite through.
  8. just the emotional toll thing and nvc case delay. they said it wouldn't be fair to other applicants and denied.
  9. knew it was a long shot, but my expedite was denied by the embassy today. 😞
  10. You can open the msg, just click on it and wait for 30secs to a minute for it to open. Also try in off hours, like early morning or at night.
  11. Mine was received on 30th as well, but case number in mid july. I just checked the processing times, and it's still stick at June 30th, seems like its stuck there for last 3 weeks. Current case creation time frame: As of 27-JUL-2020, we are working on cases that were received from USCIS on 30-JUN-2020.
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