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  1. My interview appointment for August was cancelled too.... I’m waiting for Everything to go back to “normal” ...
  2. Me!!! I had my interview canceled and last week I could schedule a new one for August
  3. What did u say to get your daughter case expedite? thanks
  4. As others said, embassy just send things via email, in my case, they put my fiancé email address there too. if he has a tourist visa, the embassy is gonna send it to the email he used to get that visa.
  5. 1). I waited, once NVC sent my case to Bogota I waited 3 weeks and then filled it it took a month, my case was sent to Bogota Feb 4th and this week I got my P3 I would suggest to do the same, you can start filling your ds160 and wait for the instructions to arrived hope it helps!
  6. I’m still here ... I haven’t received the P3 from the embassy in Bogota Colombia 🥺😭
  7. I haven’t got the email yet, but looking to another VJ members it seems like it takes around 4 weeks for them to send it. Hopefully soon I’m gonna get mine. other VJ member sent me the instructions if you need it just let me know
  8. Hello!! could anyone from Colombia that already have the packet 3 for the K1 share it with me please? I really want to have everything ready once I get my P3 Thanks!!!
  9. Hello!!! i checked my case status and says “in transit” I wanna know if I can take my medical exam now and wait until the consulate in Bogota sends my P3 to schedule the interview right away?
  10. I’m glad everything work out for you any chance you can share with me the Packet 3, the instructions, that t he embassy sent you? thanks
  11. Ouch! Good thing this month it’s almost done and probably the open new schedule next month. Once more, please keep us update. I’m working on a really tight Frame of time for my case.
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