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  1. Well if my wife's social security card doesn't show up in a couple of weeks.....I'm told that you can call this number 1 800 772 1213 to find out the status of the card.
  2. Took my wife to the social security office today to request a social security number.....the took copies of her passport....visa and birth certificate. And said if everything checks out she should receive her social security card in the mail in a couple of weeks. I think I requested a social security card when I did the immigration paper work but I have heard that people have waited months to get their social security card.....so I figured I didn't have anything to lose by apply at the local social security office. The social security office in Phoenix is to the general public....but one of the things that they will let you make an appointment for is a first time social security card.
  3. There is nothing to open....there is a CD and papers stapled together.....no yellow envelope that needs to remain sealed......but none the less my wife was told to deliver the CD and papers to immigration and no one wanted them....tried to give them to any agent we spoke with and they just said the didn't need them and that they have everything the need.
  4. I entered the USA at the Miami airport a few days ago with our 3 year old US citizen child. We used the non citizen line. We entered a little over five months after she received the visa so things may have changed about the medical papers she was told to give to immigration. Because no one at the immigration in the Miami airport would take the papers....they just said that they aren't necessary. Not sure why since the embassy told her to deliver them by hand to the US immigration check point. They took us into another room before we could pick up our luggage. The wanted to make sure that they had the correct mailing address and phone number to contact us and send the green card. I made an appointment at our local Social Security Office. One of the few reasons they will actually let you make an in person appointment is for issuance of a first time Social Security card. I was told to bring her passport along with her birth certificate and her I 94....I told them that she did not receive an I 94 and they told me that the stamp that immigration put on her visa will suffice. If anyone is interested I'll give an update as to how things went at the social security office. After we go on the 3rd of Feb.
  5. My wife has never been to the USA before....she has an immigrant visa due to our marriage.
  6. Im a US citizen..and I'll be traveling to the USA with my immigrant wife for the first time along with our daughter that is also a US citizen. My question is what line should we use when passing through immigration....do we stay together and use the US citizen line or split up with me and my daughter using the US citizen line and my wife going through the non citizen line at immigration
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