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  1. Sent two divorce decrees in Spanish that need to be translated to https://www.universal-translation-services.com One was 6 pages and they quoted me $220 and the other one was 3 pages and they quoted me $170. Does that seem like a reasonable charge or are there better and less expensive translation service providers out there?
  2. My wife had a tourist visa before I met her. And just to keep the thread on track the woman seeking a tourist visa isn't my mistress.
  3. Why do I have to explain my wife's tourist visa? We are in the process of getting her an immigrant visa.
  4. She wouldn't be saving 12 to 18 months ....she would be destroying her life. If she wanted to immigrant she would request an immigrant visa. If she went to the USA and over stayed on her tourist visa ...she might never be able to immigrate to the USA in the future if she wanted to. If she became illegal she might be deported and be separated from her child which is a US citizen...while never being able to work legally. I'm sure there are crazy people that have no options for an immigrant visa and do just that. But this woman is not in a position to have to do something crazy like that.
  5. Well she has a family here and her sister has the same family ties and she got a tourist visa. Now the woman has a free and clear house ,car and about 15 grand in savings .... unfortunately she married an American and has a child with him..,..so from what people say here she doesn't have much of a chance I don't think it would hurt her to enroll in a College. I think it is just random luck.
  6. Interesting....are you aware of any down sides to her apply for an immigrant visa and using it to visa the mother in law and then returning to Colombia to live. What if later on she wants to move with her husband to the USA. Will they hold it against her that she had previously applied for and received an immigrant visa and then never immigrated to the USA.
  7. So being married and old is an advantage to getting a tourist visa. Hahaha Who would have guessed. Doesn’t surprise me that woman married to a US citizen who lived in the USA would be denied a tourist visa. Just seems odd that they would use the fact that an American lives with his wife in a foreign country against her. Would they hold it against her if her husband was a foreign national living with her in her country and both of them were applying for a Tourist visa. I agree specifics do matter the most.
  8. Which also means 58 percent were approved with a surprisingly high number of people applying for tourist visas considering the average Colombian makes the equivalent of $6180 dollars per year. The average American makes 10 times that. I would say that this woman is in the top 10 percent of all Colombians as far as wealth and marital income.
  9. Where are the country refusal rates? worldwide refusal rates aren’t of much interest to me. I can look at a countries population and number of approved tourist visas and see that there is a great disparity between countries .....but obviously if you can find the per country refusal rates that would be very helpful as well.
  10. Bad link https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Statistics/Non-Immigrant-Statistics/MonthlyNIVIssuances/OCTOBER 2019 NIV Issuances by Nationality and Visa Class.pdf This shows the non-immigrant visa approvals for the month of Oct. 2019. Which shows 19385 B1/B2 approvals for Colombia Oct 2019.
  11. Yes only the tourist visa approvals are relevant so I'm only looking at the B1/B2 visa numbers Colombia only has a population of about 51 million people And the numbers of tourist visa approvals compared to other countries is quite large So I do think it demonstrate s a correlation between country and approval odds
  12. Seems to me the odds of approval or denial are influenced by the country you are applying in. As I noted in the link above. Many more tourist visas being issued in Colombia compared to other parts of the world. Well I'll advise her to bring all the documentation she can about her spouse but there are very few questions about a spouse on the DS 160 application. My hope is the her having filed a joint US income tax with her spouse and her putting her ITIN on the application ....will give them more information about her spouse before the interview. https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Statistics/Immigrant-Statistics/MonthlyIVIssuances/OCTOBER 2019 IV Issuances by Post and Visa Class.pdf
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