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  1. Hello Guys , can someone tells me what does the star under the visa picture means? does it have any specific meaning ? some people got 1,2 or 3 stars
  2. Hello, Today my case has been updated , does it means anything ?
  3. thank you for the answers, well not really in hurry , have more important things to focus on, I just thought it would be possible to travel for 2 weeks vacation by the end of this academic semester ( I'm a PhD student) , thank yoy guys
  4. No , I'm Moroccan studying and based in Poland
  5. Dear All , I ve applied for a tourist visa at the US embassy in Warsaw on the 25/11/2019 ( Poland). After 3 minutes interview , the officer approved my application , and I was given a document stating that my application has been approved. The officer kept my passport. however , after 2 days (27/11/2019), I got an email from the officer asking me for additional information : mainly about my previous address , phone numbers , emails , travels during the last 15 years ( DS 5535). 1 days later, I got my passport back. Notice that I sent the information needed the same day after getting the email. case created: 22/11/2019 case updated: 26/11/2019 my visa application is under administrative processing. if someone can help me to figure out how long I have to wait for a final decision.
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