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  1. So you can either 1) Have a job lined up already that meets the minimum requirements. Would that even count? Since I haven't actually worked there yet. 2) Sponsor It sounds like this is very difficult to do without a sponsor unless I'm working remotely for a US company.
  2. I'm thinking about moving to live with my fiance while we wait on the k1. But I know there may be some problems with that. I read that I have to keep a US based address which isn't hard to do I have family here. The other issue is income. The question I have is when do I have to provide the affidavit of support? Is it during the initial application or during the embassy stage? Will I have to have a job lined up in the US already in order for us to receive the K1? Because I will likely be working in her home country at the time to some capacity. Thank you ahead of time.
  3. I asked her about that. Whether the CO asked her anything about who she might know in USA. She told me she was such a nervous wreck during the interview that she doesn't remember what he asked her.
  4. First of all let me say we are a real couple and we do want to get married. I met her while traveling to see my family in Ukraine through a dating site (not marriage broker). We're thinking about applying for a k1 visa but I'm worried that it might just be a waste of time considering the red flags in our relationship and how a CO would see it. Red flags: 1) We've only known each other 4 months. 2) We've only spent 18 days together in person. I spent about a week hanging out with her back when I was in Ukraine. We recently spent 11 days on a vacation. 3) She applied for a B2 visa before went on vacation. She was denied due to lack of ties to home country. We wanted to spend the holidays together. She paid for some service that would help her fill out the paperwork. They instructed her not to mention me in the application. Reading this forum I realize that was quite foolish. 4) I'm not sure if Ukraine is a "high risk" country or not. But I do know the B2 visa denial rate is very high. Strengths 1) We speak the same language. I am ethnically half Ukranian myself. 2) We have tons of correspondence. We talk all the time. I could provide 100 pages of texts, calls, video calls etc 3) We have a lot of pictures together. Most from our recent trip together but some from our first meeting. 4) WE ARE REALLY ENGAGED. My other option is to move there and go the CR1 route. But that is very tough considering I have a good job here in America. What do you think?
  5. How much evidence did you produce? I want to know how much they consider "not enough". Thank you in advance.
  6. Haven't been able to find this information on google anywhere. I'm very far off from the interview part we haven't even submitted the initial form yet. But I would need to take a trip and schedule time off if I am allowed to attend.
  7. I am starting to put together the packet. One thing they ask for is Death Certificate of previous spouse. That I am able to provide. However they misspelled my first name on the "surviving spouse" part. My real name is Nikolai and they wrote Nichloi. It's obvious they were TRYING to spell my name but they got it wrong. I found out I need to send an amendment affidavit to Jacksonville. It will take them 6-8 weeks to process the amendment. The last name is spelled correctly. Both for the former spouse and my name in the "surviving spouse" field. Any human who looks at this will know that they simply misspelled my name. I have a couple of questions 1) Should I wait the 6-8 weeks to get it amended. Or submit it as is and point out that the name was spelled wrong. Attach the affidavit asking for a correction. I might also be able to produce the original Marriage Certificate. 2) Do I need to submit this death certificate anywhere to be officially "able to remarry". This is one that I wasn't sure about. Did my status automatically change as soon as she died? or do I need to submit some paperwork to some agency somewhere?
  8. At this point waiting for AOS is rich people problems to me. I just want us to be together. I would move to be with her if I could. Extra 3+ months together is worth the extra 3 month wait on something we don't even need right away. Just my opinion. I know all circumstances are different.
  9. When I initially looked at fiance vs spouse times. It went something like Fiance 3-12 months Spouse 12-24 months 3 vs 24 months was an absolute no brainer. Now it looks more like Fiance 6-12 months Spouse 12-? months (not really sure about that one I just know its longer no matter what) If we were talking a difference of 1-2 months maybe there would be an argument for CR-1. But as it stands I don't even see the point of discussing it. I make more than enough $ to support us both. She can go to school during that time. Her English isn't that strong. She needs to learn that first and fore most. What kind of job is she going to have with limited English? McDonalds?
  10. What are the obvious ones? I'm sorry this is first time hearing this. You mean to tell me they deny them no matter what? that sounds horrifying.
  11. What are the high fraud countries? Does this site have stats for different countries?
  12. I was under the impression they would want to see our correspondence. I saw some video where another couple printed copies of their conversations. They had to translate the messages. Is this no longer recommended?
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