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  1. Ours went through this and then back to AP, then went to issued this morning. The process was about 10 days with all the status changes.
  2. We didn’t get notice either. The congress office did a request and we found out it was approved and just sitting there for weeks. By the time he could schedule the interview it was past 4 months. I was told to contact the embassy. I sent them an email with the approval notice and expiration date. They said it’s common and the officer will extend it at the interview. Jerusalem consulate which has been outstanding so far.
  3. ? I was just trying to be helpful with information I was told. Contact the embassy.
  4. Jerusalem consulate. I first called the NVC and they said to contact embassy. Many ppl can’t get their interview in that 4 month timeframe. We’ve never received correspondence initiated by the embassy and it takes 2-3 weeks for an email response. They were very nonchalant about it when they responded....probably because it happens so frequently.
  5. It’s not bad. My fiancé’s interview was Sept 6. They wanted a new police report and some other documents. We sent it in and arrived Sept 25. His status changed about 4 times in the last week. Went back to AP 3 days ago and this morning it’s Issued.
  6. Ours is also at this step. I hope it means we’re almost done
  7. I emailed the embassy and the response was that the CO will automatically extend at the time of interview. No other paperwork needed. Email them beforehand.
  8. Here’s my timeline: Separated from ex husband October 2016. I filed for divorce in Feb 2017. Started talking to fiancé August 2017. Ex husband officially moved out October 2017. Served ex husband divorce papers April 2018. Met fiancé July 2018, became pregnant. Divorce official October 2018. Filed petition November 2018. We are in final stages. I don’t think it came up at the interview.
  9. My mistake it was SDI not SSDI. It was from PTSD. I wasn’t able to work for months after the incident. I’ve always worked, it was a short blip that I didn’t due to the traumatic nature of what happened (California wildfire, came through my city at 2am, lost EVERYTHING). I wrote a 1 page letter explaining the situation accompanied with a letter from my therapist and original payment forms. The only thing they would accept was tax returns. In my case they didn’t care about other income received unless it was claimed on taxes with the latest tax return deciding everything. My other 5+ years I was way over the $26,000 I needed to prove. A family member is a joint sponsor and our case is almost done. I’ve already made the income limit this year.
  10. My fiancé was in AP for 2 months after submitting requested docs. They recently changed status from AP to Ready to Nonimmigrant Visa Application Received. I’m hoping it will finally change to Issued. Waiting in AP is agony.
  11. I got pregnant, did the entire pregnancy and birth by myself. My son is almost 8 months now. Just listen to her and stay positive. It’s going to be hard but support her by sending money and encouraging her. My fiancé takes responsibility for the pregnancy, we both do. We didn’t intend to get pregnant being apart, but here we are a year later into our visa journey. I asked the local congress office to step in and they’ve been wonderful. Our first AP was 2 agonizing months. Now we are at nonimmigrant application received. The only thing we can do is keep waiting and hoping it will be soon.
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