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    I attend church and I love God, I play the guitar, I like old cars, I like to read, I like frogs and eore(winnie the pooh) I love my baby's, <br />I like to get out and do things park,walking,bicycle,fishing, My dad raises tomatoes (hard work), but I love to be doing anything to help, even though I run the store for him now I'd rather be in the field anyday.

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    Me and my husband met both working on the farm for my dad. We dated a yr and got married June 11, 2001. We couldn't get married in tennessee because he didn't have a ss#. We met crazy lady, (Michelle Torres U.S. Citizen) through one of his friends. She said we could marry in other state, so we got married in Kentucky. Michelle also said she helped alot of people get legal. She helped us 3yrs did nothing except lie to us and take our money around $3,000 dollars we never saw receipts or papers nothing. I would ask for them and she would say oh I'll have them here tomarrow. Though when it came it was always another excuse or she would leave before we got there. She said she was having a hard time I even (stupid me) had my church take money up for her and her family. I've since learned just because you think someone's a good person thats not always the case.
    We finally got tired of this and gunshy. I started doing All the papers myself, I was so scared I'd mess something up,but thank god two years later (didn't know about I-29f) they gave us an appt. So after FIVE years of trying to do something, we had an appt. and went oct.5,2006. We've been married 6yrs and have a 2yr old and a 4yr old almost 5 and me and my baby's have never had to spend one day away from there dad. He's been in Mexico right at 7months and I stayed with him for a long time. But as of now we've not seen him for 1 Month, because you have to work and you can't make it in Mexico on $15 dollars a day. Its hard to take care of 2 kids,work,clean house, and my four year old starts school this year so I'll have to take him back and forth to school. I am not complaining I'd do anything for my family,but lately I've had to ask God to help me alot.

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