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  1. Hi All - Hope you're safe and well! Someone posted a screenshot of a batch of applications from April getting RFEs. This reminded me to lookup our case numbers, and sure enough, we're one of them. While waiting for the RFE to arrive, I've been pouring through this thread trying to find what other folks got them for. In case you're curious like me, I'm posting to say we received it in the mail today, and they're missing a copy of the applicant birth certificate. We hired a lawyer to prepare our application, and I can't imagine it was left out. But, we'll send in again and hope for the best. We actually have two copies - one issued in 1990 and the other in 2019. I'm tempted to send copies of both in. Thoughts? Thanks everyone for your posts. They're super helpful.
  2. Thanks so much for your response. When you say letter, do you mean by email or post? My lawyer keeps saying they'll send an email to my fiance, and I hope that's the case.
  3. Hi Everyone - Has anyone on the thread received a P3 from London recently? If so, would you please tell me how you received it, how long after NVC shipment it came through, etc.? I'm nervous because ours shipped to London nearly two weeks ago. I used the DHL hack to confirm receipt, and I got the letter from NVC saying it was dispatched. But, nothing since then. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi Guys - First time poster, longtime reader. Thanks for being on this board. It's been super helpful reading everyone's posts. I called the NVC non-immigrant number on 11/12 and was given my case number. The rep told me my case number had been issued that day. Status has been "At NVC" since then. From what I read in the overview at the beginning of this forum, tomorrow is the next ship date. Is it possible my case will ship, or would I have to be a different status by now for it to be eligible to ship? Thanks!
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