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  1. This isnt too unusual. Not every country has a US embassy in it. Just wait for instructions.
  2. One thing to consider could be to wait to get more pay stubs. They give you several months (3 or 4?) to reply with this additional information before they reject you. I had an RFE dated May 7 and I had until August XX to reply by. You might be cutting it close so you'll need to do the exact math to make a determination. But in the meantime you can still get the letter.
  3. We filed for my wife's I485 AOS back in late April and received an RFE (actually for the I864 -Affidavit of Support). It's a super simple fix - I need respond with my birth certificate. My question is do they want a copy of my BC or the original document. Thanks!
  4. We just did ours and you're right - YOU wont have any of those but the US citizen will have tax forms and bank statements, etc. Remember, some of those questions are phrased 'Your and Your Household' and 'Your/You', make sure you pay attention to the context and point of view of the question. Just make sure you have health insurance...you don't want to be a 'public charge'
  5. The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I submitted the revised I485 on the 30th and just received the NOA today....so not quite 2 weeks after mailing it off.
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