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  1. I uploaded the documents under the "upload" and then it asks for Cateogory, I chose "Other" because that's where it really goes. I sent a message in the Inbox to USCIS to confirm if upload documents was okay and I got a reply today saying that yes, go ahead and upload as many documents as you can relevant to the case. This will absolutely help with moving it quicker when it goes to NVC. Because once the file goes there, they will send you a letter of all the required documents (wasting time) then you'll gather and send it or upload it (again wasting time). So if the documents are already available, they can go ahead and review to send it to embassy for interview date.
  2. Yes, this number is also on your payment receipt too in case you need to just check the status without logging into your account. I don't know if it makes a difference or not because I know the next set of documents will be required by NVC but bunch of people I know submitted their financial documents online right now so that the file gets moved to NVC with documents already there for review so I uploaded my Affidavit of Support, Tax Returns/Transcripts, other documents to prove our marriage already online. So you can also upload those if you wanted to.
  3. On that payment receipt is also your IOE number. I submitted mine on Saturday and received the Receipt# within two minutes of making the payment.
  4. Yes. Just scanned in the 2x2 and uploaded. Remember that when you scan the picture, it won't be 2x2 so you have to crop it to adjust before you upload the picture.
  5. When I made the payment online after submitting - I received my confirmation with the Receipt number starting with IOE. This morning I noticed my online account has the Receipt Notice attached there.
  6. I've been living in the same place for over 20 years so I just put my current address. for the current address, it does ask for start and end date too so it doesn't require the 5 year history.
  7. I honestly don't think so. I didn't and I got no error.
  8. Anything that asks for end date, put in the day you're filing so it's the most current date. I actually don't think that many of the USCIS employees even realize that the online system will customize the form as you fill it out to only ask for relevant information. Paper form has too many fields that aren't really required.
  9. Are you currently in the US? If so, I'd also file Adjustment of Status form I-485.
  10. lol, don't you love that? For employment - I used the date of filing so it's "current" as you can't put "Present" or anything as such online, which you can on the paper form.
  11. I don't know how the other centers are doing but Potomac processing time is 7 to 9 months - which is anyway average if there aren't any RFE's etc. I was reading yesterday that people with Receipt number starting with IOE are getting approved much quicker than even the processing time listed online.
  12. No, not really. One of his friends from China had adjust the status of his parents when they'd come to visit so he thought the same could be done for siblings. Not every country is able to get visitor visas to the US so easily, hence the question of - if adjusting status was an option then why do people even have to wait for decades lol.
  13. Applying on the Fiance visa especially when you have not even met her is not going to go well in the interview anyway, hence why they didn't keep her passport. If they had approved it, they would've kept her passport even if they wanted to send it to AP.
  14. That's not even the intent, they are aware that there's a long wait and hence are in no hurry to even migrate really. My BIL was just wondering if that's even an option, which clearly it isn't. Sibling petitions have for decades taken decades lol.
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