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  1. Okay sure thanks. I really feel that this is because of the airline did not well trained the agents, and for those agents, they do not dare to do something that they are not certain as if what they did is actually wrong indeed, they might be fined as well. So after all, this is really hard to avoid or predict because the problem is not ourselves since we are all well prepared
  2. Which airline did your wife took? I Do have plan to visit China soon (Still thinking🤔) And she has no other troubles checking in and boarding the plane in PEK? So who did took the copies, the gate agent or the check-in agent? And you can get a Chinese visa on submitting your copy of green card and the COPY of extension letter?
  3. I am planing , as Bill&Katya suggested, bring both Original and copies in case the check-in agent wants to keep copies. So I suppose after your wife received the original, the agent only took a look at it but did not retain the original one right?
  4. Hmm I passed once through YUL with pre-clearance, and the CBP agents' attitude are really bad. They are like interrogating me that I have to respond the question in one second after they asked. But I was not pulled to the secondary inspection though. This sounds terrible, I am not sure if other people had similar such terrible experiences? Have you read other posts regarding people's feedback of being pulled into secondary inspection? And anyone had similar experiences?
  5. This sounds to me like a an abuse of authority, because to me there are no need to check you so extensively. The reason that you are a PR is because USCIS had done an extensive search of you entirely. Did you file complaint afterwards? (I am not sure if you could do so or not? ) And which airport did you land? Did this happen to you afterwards?
  6. Oh sorry to hear that! But they just let you wait there for 6 hours while they are checking documents? So still no extensive interrogation or electronics checked? Probably you should be thinking to apply for GE, that might really help, plus you get TSA Pre haha.
  7. Yes yes just that I would to know what roughly could or might happen during the secondary inspection. I understand no one can provide a precise answer to this, not even a CBP officer. Just it is better to have some expectations rather than knowing nothing. Thanks for sharing your experience! It is certainly helpful! And I hope you will no longer be pulled to secondary inspection. GE card would certainly help
  8. Oh then it sounds really random. But it is good to hear from first-hand experience about what they do during a secondary inspection. Then there has nothing to worry about since they only spend time checking my info, I was just worried that would do an extensive search on your history and everything. Because my friend's friend was deported from US after being called for a secondary inspection where the officer looked through his phones and laptops. They even found messages with his friends in US that was already removed from his phone. He was eventually deported, along with all these considerable accusations, because of his "potential intention to settle in the US with B2 visa"., while the friend was just in US for vacation Since I understand the fact that non-citizens are all subject to secondary inspection, that is what makes me asking this question.
  9. Yes that is what I am trying to avoid. I just hope those agents won't be stubborn. I heard a story that a guy are refused to board on AC plane from Lima back to US with a transfer in Canada. He even showed the documents and the guide for transporters from Canada and US, and the agent still refused to let him board. He has to take another flight by LATAM which he was able to obtain the boarding pass successfully.
  10. Thank you too!. I plan to print these out and bring them with me when I travel, in case that I encounter a not "well-informed" airline agent at the airport!
  11. I I am actually looking for the Canadian Transporter Guide. I saw yesterday that their border agency apparently also has one for airlines But would you mind attaching a link for the US CBP Carrier Guide since you have mentionned? Thanks a lot!
  12. Does anyone has link of Carrier Guide from Canadian Border Agency, the one that says having expired GC and NOA are eligible to board? I saw it yesterday but I forgot to save, and I can't it on Google. Thanks!
  13. Oh sorry to hear that😬. I think they say if you want to use fast lane, every person that is trvaleling with you has to be eligible I think🤔
  14. Thanks for sharing your experience! It is very helpful☺️
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