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  1. The visa expire in May so is that mean i am eligible to get 10 years green card when i get to US even tho on my entry visa said CR1? Thanks. (below pic is from the internet)
  2. Thats great! On my Visa IV category it said CR1, I was confused if I will be getting 2 year condition green card when I enter USA. Thank you for your information.
  3. Hi All, I got my CR1 visa in Nov 2021 and planning move to states with my partner in May 2022. By the time we flight into US we been married over 2 years. I was wondering would I get 2 years green card or 10 years green card? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi, Mainly is due to the severe pandemic situation in US. Hopeful it will get better in May
  5. Hi All, I got my CR Visa in Nov 2021 and the date of entry into the United State is valid til May 2022. is there a way to defer the intended date of entry? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all Finally my interview is here, I have been preparing documents for my interview and I decided to bring the original I-864 to the interview. Here is some background story, my husband stay Asia with me so he doesn’t have income from US, then we asked my mother in law to be our sponsor, my husband prepared the I-864A for her and asked her to sign on the paper. Since my mother in law is in State so we asked her to print out the signature page, sign on it and mail it back to us. However, I just noticed the paper size she sent is different then the other pages of the form I printed. Would that be a problem when the officer in consulate come to collect my documents? Any input will be appreciated!! Thanks 😊
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