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  1. Thanks! We don't have a copy of the DS3025. Where do we get that? From the doctor in Chile?
  2. Hi there, my fiance entered the US on February 29 and handed over his sealed medical exam results to the CPC officers upon arrival. We got married and now I'm completing his AOS I-485. According to the USCIS website, it says he doesn't need to do a medical exam again. But then I read that we have to include an I-693 as part of the AOS process. The doctor in his home country didn't give him anything other than the sealed envelope for CPC. So can we just skip including the I-693 and note somewhere in our cover letter that he submitted his medical exam/vaccination documents upon arrival? Thanks!
  3. I am filling out the I-485 for my new husband. For Section 2, 1a, do I choose Immediate Relative or Person admitted to the US as fiance? We got married 3 weeks ago, so he is my husband now, but he was admitted via a K1. Thanks!
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