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  1. Yes, it takes at least 7 weeks thats what they told when I called, I did copy for all pages of my old passport.
  2. Hello, I just got my interview notice for AOS k1 and I 'm april filler, they asking me to bring passport that I used when I entered to the United states, but this passport is already expired and I sent it to my embassy to renew it(you have to send the expired passport with application and they return you new one and old one) I called embassy about how long it takes and they said at least 7 weeks so I will not have it for my AOS interview, do you think that is ok if I don't take the expired passport with me to interview, I have copy of this passport that's enough. Thank you
  3. Just I need to know date of my interview so my wife could arrange to be off that's day because she needs to ask for day off or reschedule in advance, so there is any way to find what day interview will be before notice in mail
  4. And what if I request an electronic notice through a link to know what's date of my interview just in case notice arrives too late in mail.
  5. Congratulations, me I just checked my account online and I found out that an interview has been scheduled, I m april 28 filer, my question how long it takes you to get notice of interview on mail after it changed online, it has been 6 days since my account online changed to interview scheduled also I have changed adress recently but I already got confirmation from uscis about my adress change before my interview get scheduled, thank you
  6. My I_485 application still on fingerprints were taken, i had my biometric on 8/29/20. We are moving to another state so i filled that form for change of adress online and i i got confirmation on my email that request is successfully submitted and i have that form AR-11. do you I need to mail that form to adress mentioned? Also if anyone had experience with this changing address while application is still pending.PD:05/07, Thank you😊
  7. I was in same situation as you, I called social security office after receiving my Ead card and they told me I'm not in the system and ask me to fax a letter explaining my urgent need for SSN and they will put me on waiting list. But just yesterday I called again to check if my name is in their system and good news:I just issued a SSN few days ago and my card will be mailed to me in 2 to 3 weeks that what they told me. I received my EAD card October 2. Try to call to check if your husband name in the system because I just called like a week ago and they told me I'm not. Good luck
  8. Congratulations. I received my combo card 10/02 and i havn't yet received yet my SS card. Until now I can't get an appointment and i called office here in California to get one but they said fax us a letter with ur phone number and why u need it and we put you on waiting list to get an appointment, I did that like a week ago and I haven't heard anything yet, I asked the representative if I'm already in the system, she checked with my name and said no. Did u called before to check if ur name is on system
  9. Ya good to know that's embassy in dc who handle passport renewal. I looked in their website and i found that you have to change ID in order to renew passport bcs i still have my moroccan address on my Moroccan ID, so do i need to sent all in one mail or separate mail if you have already been in the same process. For SSN are you sure that they ask for proof of address?
  10. Hi, my PD is 05/05/2020. I had fingerprint appointment 08/28.I received my combo card 2 weeks ago. I_485 still on fingerprint received. My passport will expire on January 2021 and the process to renew it at embassy takes at least 1 month.I just got an appointment in social security office to apply for SSN next week because i have not received my social security card after receiving my combo card so i will need my passport to apply for ssn. My question is: do I need my passport for interview AOS because i need to start renewing it next month and send my old passport to embassy so I will not have my passport for at least 1 month. What if i will get my interview and I don't have my passport. I know that's based on my priority date It may takes awhile but who knows. Do I have to present a passport for Aos or I can just give them my combo card as an ID? Thanks in advance and I hope the best luck for every one here in this very helpful forum ☺️
  11. I travelled on domestic flights within US 2 times after my visa k1 expired and I hadn't any issue. I would recommend that you hold ur notice of action of adjustment of status and copy of your marriage certificate. No one asked me for these documents but have them with you just in case.
  12. Hi, I applied for adjustment of status based on my k1 visa at the end of april 2020 and got my NOA1 on 05/07/2020 and until now i havn't received my appointment for fingerprint. I live in California. That's normal, because i read here in forum some people applied after me and already did their fingerprint. Thanks in advance for any information
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