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  1. @carmel34 I had not thought of that, I will have my wife get in contact we a Congress man. We did receive a NOA1. We filed in Sept ,2018 last Sept was a year, our case is in the Texas Service Center, it says 8.5-11 months, however we are headed to the end of the year and no response of any kind. My wife called and we filed the inquiry 2 times already, one over the phone (August) and the other on the website (Sept) no response to either one of those. I think our next step would be to contact a Congress man.
  2. @carmel34 thank you for the input. As far a the whole process, she did informed us on how to proceed. My concern is that when we filled out the form, the only thing that was asked from us was, our marriage certificate and our ID, other than the documents mentioned, we were told to hold on til required. Of course we have the evidence needed, photos, bills, etc, but my real concern isn’t that our marriage is Bona fide, but that our form was so simple and now it’s just taking too long because of that.
  3. Meaning “crossed” the border. So we did hired a lawyer, which had good reputation, she did a consult first, then we proceeded to File the I-130 with her, how ever now that I see and been looking at other people it seemed like she did our form simple, there was no Documents other than IDs, Marriage Certificate,
  4. Hello everyone, so I’m new to this site but here we go. I married my wife in 2014, of course we dated 4 years before we took the big step. Soon enough we had out 1st son, then in 2018 we had our second son, just to realize that we had not taken the steps to apply for my green card. I’m currently under the DACA program and have been for about 5 years, I came to the USA when I was 14, thru the border. In Sept 2018 my wife filed an I-130, it’s been 1 whole year plus months and no response other than the NOAs. just looking for some input!!
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