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  1. Hi, my interview was originally scheduled on August 31st but the US consulate Hong Kong cancelled it a couple days prior through phone call.. The reason for cancellation is covid-19. Anyone else going through the same thing? Please share..thanks..
  2. Same thing here . I got in transit which said my interview was scheduled by NVC then changed to ready but no email from them yet .
  3. Hi, I am having the same problem , only submitted DS260 but got a review note... nothing was shown as well..
  4. Hi Everyone, I have a qestion about filling the DS260. One of the question is asking for your social media account, so should I list all my active accounts or just the main ones I've been using?
  5. Thank you! I'm not sure, but I suppose they do. Both my husband and I receive notifications from them ...
  6. Hi, I've received my NVC welcome letter on Apr 28th, somehow I don't see a DS261 form under my account.. only two payments : AOS and DS260. Should I just go ahead and pay these two ?
  7. Thank you! Yea I think I've read that one too, it's crazy that they can get the approval in 2 months... I'm sure yours will be there very soon, my estimate date on Visa Journey is actually quite accurate.
  8. I just got mine approval notice! My was transfered from Nebraska to Potomac. Hope everyone here get good news soon as well!!! Sent: 8-27-2019 NOA1: 9-03-2019 NOA2 APPROVED : 4-27-2020
  9. Congrats!!! Mine schedule is the same as yours..got NOA1 on September 3, hopefully I'll get good news soon as well 🙌
  10. Trump is about to announce the suspension of immigration to U.S. for 60 days, will this affect us ?
  11. I've got an alert from USCIS it removed " it is. being processed at our e-filed processing center".. What does it mean??
  12. August 27 2019: Sent I-130 August 29 2019: Delivered and received September 03 2019: Received NOA1 assigned to Nebraska Service Center Guess won't be any news until August …….😟
  13. I don't think IOE is necessarily faster...I received NOA1 on September 3rd and no more updates...
  14. For NOA1 starts with IOE, does file I129F while I-130 is pending helps to expedite the case?
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