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  1. It's ridiculous the Sydney embassy won't open yet. I have a job offer waiting and I can't plan ANYTHING. So so frustrating! I've asked them to expedite my application three times but they never do. At this point I dunno what's gonna happen with my job offer.
  2. I don't understand why they won't even give a projected date for when interviews will start.
  3. That's passport and citizenship services, not visa interviews.
  4. Could you share the text you used for your email, with details removed of course? I'd love to see what a successful email template looks like.
  5. I've been emailing both the NVC Expedite email and the support-australia@ustraveldocs.com one. Which one is the correct one? The people on the call centre aren't very helpful!
  6. It's so strange the embassy is still closed at this point. Why won't they give any indication when it's opening again?
  7. Awesome...through what mechanism did you contact the NVC? Email? Phone?
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