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  1. ok ok, i already feel crushed, i'm sorry to bother you guys, i'll let it go....
  2. Ok maybe not "ensure" but, boost her chances perhaps?
  3. Really? I thought that was only for immigration
  4. You're right but, I'm about 95% sure that she didn't say to visit a friend. She told me she would say to visit disney. (Which is true, she was going there as well.)
  5. Ok then, as a distinguished supreme member of this board, I would like to respectfully ask, what else could be added to ensure her success? (even though I know it's virtually impossible now that she has been denied once...)
  6. I'm serious lol, we weren't going to elope. But you can believe that if you want, my real question is how could the guy at the consulate possibly guess that. If you geniunely think that's why she was rejected.
  7. You could say we're interested but she had wanted to come to America anyway long before she met me I have an idea what you are poking at but I see no way that the man could have deduced that within seconds of receiving her files and then shut her down specifically based on suspecting eloping Perhaps that makes sense to you but not to me
  8. She is both a secretary and a student, secretary is her day job then she goes to night school I said at least a year, I meant to say almost a year, that's including the work she had to go through to get her passport Not sure why you're recommending those, she was not looking to get married, she was going as a tourist
  9. One of my Brazilian friends went to Brasilia to get her visa. Spent hundreds on a plane ticket, a hotel, and nicer clothes. She was wracked with stress about the whole thing. Having heard all the horror stories. She gets to the Consulate and the man asks literally 3 questions. Name, Destination, and Place of Employment. She answers, saying she works as a secretary and that she wants to go to Orlando. That's all the guy wanted to hear and he gave her the rejection letter. This makes no sense to me. What I have heard a lot is that the main reason that visa applicants get rejected is because "they say something suspicious". But she didn't have a chance to say anything suspicious because she didn't have a chance to say anything at all! Unless there's something suspicious about being a secretary for a lawyer, or going to Orlando? Everybody knows that lots of Brazilians go to Orlando. I know that the other reason applicants get rejected is that they "don't have strong enough ties to Brazil". But she didn't even get a chance to show how she's going to College in Brazil!!! How could she prove her ties are strong enough? She has worked for this for at least (Edit: almost) a year, and to be pushed away within seconds...I just cannot fathom what could have gone so wrong. I want an explanation. Of course, myself not being an applicant, I cannot contact the NVC. So I came here.....
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