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  1. I definitely did not take your comment as negative. I appreciate the help and I know it is an uphill battle so I’m grateful for every foothold. Thank you for your sensitivity and support. 🙏🏻
  2. Yes, we are hoping to get another trip in. If we file and our K-1 is, in fact, denied, what are the stipulations for refilling?
  3. It will be very difficult but we will try! The expense is enormous. 😭
  4. Hello, We are nearly ready to submit our K-1 visa application and I’m wondering if anyone has tips or tricks for us that might be helpful? I’m feeling a little discouraged, we will be filing in Lagos (our only option) and in nearly 2 years have only spent 1 week together in person. Any positivity or advice for us is greatly appreciated. thank you 🙏🏻
  5. Also just to clarify- I thought I already did all of that with the country and visa type. I’ve started a timeline but have nothing to add to it yet. when someone says “the embassy you’re filing at” or “address the embassy” are those references to Nigeria? Or the US embassy?
  6. THANK YOU. I’ve felt really overwhelmed trying to figure out how all these subgroups and tabs work!
  7. Oh okay thanks. I’m just going off of the K-1 visa guideline here on VJ. I think I have all the forms together I just feel unsure because there’s so many exceptions and rules and I want it to be perfect.
  8. Me too. I’m just feeling unsure of which exact addresses to put in the blanks
  9. Hi all! I have some detail questions I’m hoping can be ironed out for my peace of mind. I am working on my letter of intent and I realized, I don’t know what some of the terminology means. “Include the name of the country where embassy is located” I am in Oregon, he is in Nigeria. For my own copy of the letter, are they asking me for the Embassy in Nigeria? Which Consulate/embassy am I mailing this to? I am confused.
  10. Okay! It looks like I need to revisit my reading materials and what goes in our packet. Thank you so much!!!! This was really helpful!
  11. So with all the coronavirus business it is proving to be very difficult for my Nigerian Fiancé to get his end of the paperwork gathered. Are there any Nigerians our here who can give us some pointers on the best route to take for getting a birth certificate, declaration of age, and immunization records? Also, I am having difficulty filling out all the fields on the pdf online. Had anyone else submitted their packet with old fashioned pen? hoping to submit our packet as soon as this coronavirus gets out of our way
  12. Thank you! I’ve been hearing people say that i didn’t know what they were talking about. I was reading here about the circumstances of meeting: https://mypathtocitizenship.com/describe-i-129f-circumstances-of-meeting/
  13. Hello there community! I am currently working on fiancé and I’s 1-129F packet. I am gathering employment history and other info for the form itself, but I am currently working on our circumstances of meeting letter. Would it help if we each wrote one? It’s no more than a page. What was your experience with writing a COM? also on a side note: I don’t have exact start and end dates for all of my employment history. Is this going to be a big deal?
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