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  1. Hi all - My spouse's naturalization interview was just scheduled. When he filed form N-400 in August 2019, he met all requirements (Lawful residence, Continuous residence and Physical presence). Since filing form N-400, he has accepted a job with a US University in a satellite campus physically located overseas. I believe he still meets the requirements of: ✓ Continuous permanent residence in the United States for at least 3 years - specifically that he has never been outside the country for >6 Months (He returned in October 2019 and will return again in December 2019) ✓ Physically present in the United States for 18 months ✓ Lawful permanent residence What other considerations should be taken into account here? Keep in mind: • The country that he is working in is not his native country, and he has no ties to the country he is working in other than his ties to the US University he works for • I, as his spouse, still reside and work in the US, and we maintain all of our finances in joint bank accounts. • He is on a temporary contract of maximum 2 years (although likely shorter) and he has and will always maintain trips of <6 months as per continuous residency requirements Please tell me everything is going to be OK... Thanks.
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