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  1. You can fill out ds form, pay fees and go for your medical appointment but as far as I know they don’t open the dates until embassy receives your documents from nvc. So that’s why people usually do it when it’s in transit or when documents arrived to the embassy (and status is ready)
  2. They usually open it twice a month, so when you complete the ds160 form and request the dates in your account, within a week later they should open it for you
  3. Hello everyone! We have the interview soon, can anyone please help us with the advise? As financial documents from the petitioner they ask to bring to the interview forms w2 and 1040 or transcripts. Is that okay if we bring transcripts only? Cause that’s what they say on the website of the embassy - either both w2 and 1040 or just transcripts from IRS. Did anyone have such situation? We would appreciate any help or recommendation.
  4. Yes, I submitted it on Friday in the afternoon. Hope they will
  5. Yeah. But you can also pay by credit card! For me it was just easier to pay at the post office. Who knows, it would be really nice
  6. Not yet unfortunately, we’re still waiting. We got the info that our request to schedule an appointment has been received and will be reviewed. So I guess we are waiting for the email now. What about you??
  7. Hello everyone! Got this while trying to schedule an appointment: your request to schedule an appointment has been received and will be reviewed. Did anyone have the same situation? How long did you wait? Thank you!
  8. I would recommend to fill in the ds-160 form and pay for the visa fee. And after try to schedule the interview, that’s what we did.
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