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  1. First of all, did you have delivered confirmation? NOA 1 5/26/2020
  2. USPS (priority) 5/1/2020 Delivered 5/4/2020 Texted received 5/21/2020 Check cashed 5/22/2020 little less than 3 weeks.
  3. Hello All K1 interview in Bangkok 2 days ago, CO asked for few documents to be notarized and send back with her passport, the fact that the Embassy didn't keep her passport, should this be something to worry about? All documents were sent back with her passport the next day. Case status showed Administrative processing. Thanks
  4. She had an interview yesterday, CO requested few documents to be notarized (birth certificate, name changed, etc.). However the Embassy returned the passport and asked to send the documents back with passport, anything to be worry since they did not keep her passport? Case status: Administrative processing. all the documents and passport was sent to Embassy in one day per instructions. Thanks
  5. We never received NOA2 from USCIS, I129F was submitted 4/01/2019 with RFE. Today I received an email from NVC that I-129F is approved and checked on line the case is in transit. Do we really need NOA2? Thank you!!
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