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  1. Hi everyone. I am at wit's end right now. I'm scheduled for my Green Card interview with Malaysia's US embassy on the 23rd of January. Unfortunately, I will not be in the country at that time so I'm unable to attend the interview. The interview letter said to email my local US embassy for rescheduling and I did that on the 24th of December. I've also followed up on that email 3 times and have not gotten a reply even though the automatic reply said they will reply within 2 business days. I tried calling them but they transferred me to a call center and the call center said they have very limited info on their end and all they can do is ask me to wait and they asked me to send another follow up email. When I called to the embassy again, the operator just gave me a different email address to email but still no reply. I am not sure what to do now, I'm just scared that they will mark me as a no show even though I've repeatedly attempted to contact them requesting a reschedule and have not heard back from them. I am ok with them not giving me a new date right away, I just want to know that they are aware of this and won't use this as a reason to not issue me a green card. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should do?
  2. Thanks! I didn't do it because the docs were accepted before I had the chance but other people on here have said that they did it and it was not a problem. Just don't forget to add a note to the new docs you submit.
  3. Before I had the chance to submit additional documents, we received notification that all our docs were accepted! So glad everything went smoothly! Hang in there @Classicrock! At the moment, NVC I think takes about 1.5 months to review and accept documents.
  4. Thanks Juli! There's no option to replace, but we can add additional documents. Do you think that's okay?
  5. Hi all- Hoping someone who has been in a similar situation can help. We have submitted the DS-260 and all of the other things required, and have been waiting. I recently noticed the civil documents submitted by our lawyers are not clear and hard to read. At this point in time, our case has not been reviewed yet. It still shows "submitted." I have a clearer HD version now and we were thinking about resubmitting it to decrease the chances of the documents getting rejected and having to wait longer after re-submission. Is this ok for us to do? Will it prolong our timeline for the NVC to review in any way? Thanks so much for the help!
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